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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hotel in Muscat

Muscat is the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman and perhaps one of the most culturally diverse cities among the Arab nations. If there’s one place you must visit in the Arabian Peninsula, that will show you the beauty and potential of the Arabs, Muscat is the place. If you are already making plans to cross off Muscat from your list of places to visit on earth, here are the top five things you should pay attention to before choosing your base in this city of mountains.

  1. Hotel Type

One of the important things you should consider is the type of hotel you’ll be staying. Are you a private person? Do you have kids? Will you be traveling with your family? These are the main questions you should ask yourself as far as the hotel type is concerned. Most hotels in Muscat are kids friendly but others not so.

If you travel alone and would like somewhere you’ll have peace and quiet without bumping into kids or having to deal with the cheerfulness of families with children, then you want to go for a hotel that’s an adult only hotel.

If you are a family on a vacation, then you should inquire whether the hotel you will be staying in is okay with children. It would be disappointing to bring your kids along only to be told that children are not allowed or you have to pay extra for their accommodation. Ask whether children will be given free accommodation or whether you have to pay extra. Furthermore, some hotels offer special packages for tourists who travel as a family. You may want to take advantage of those, especially if they involve discounts or special privileges that will make your stay more fulfilling.

  1. Transportation

Transportation is particularly important if you are in a hurry or if your visit to Muscat is time sensitive. Nonetheless, even if you’re on a vacation and have all the time in the world, no one wants to struggle with relocating from one place to another regardless of where one is.

It is beneficial that you confirm how close the hotel is from the airport. The main airport in Muscat is the Muscat International Airport (consider it a reference point). Will the hotel provide any form of transportation? What will it cost you? What about parking? Some hotels in Muscat offer free parking, particularly the luxurious and expensive ones.

Consider the availability of cabs and even renting a car if need be. You want your stay to be a smooth one. Plan this in advance and your wish will be granted.

  1. Budget

Like any other hotel in the world, chances are that if you keep your ass on your money, you will get subpar accommodation and services. Hotels from $200 and above are the ones that offer the best services, whether you’ll be traveling alone or with your family. Below that price is a gamble.

I’m not saying that you should book hotels that range from $200 and above but if you want excellent services, that’s the price range you should expect. Some of these hotels offer free reservation, in that, you make your reservation and only pay once you stay. If you never show up, they’ll just give the room to someone else.

  1. Customer Service

This is one of the most important things to anyone when they are in a hotel. You are paying for their services and you want to see your money’s worth. That is why if you sit on your money, chances are that you’ll end up in a hotel with poor customer service, poor Wi-Fi connection (hope you’ll survive that!), and food that makes your tongue wonder what hole you’ve crept into.

  1. Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are important when it comes to customer service. If you find a hotel you like in Muscat, go online and see what people have to say about it. Also, do more research online because you may come across a hotel with good services at an affordable price.

Guest reviews are what will guarantee you that the hotel indeed has good Wi-Fi connectivity instead of you going to find out for yourself, the hard way.

Nevertheless, don’t believe everything you read online. Be critical with your research and only go with what is credible. As a rule, when reading reviews, pay more attention to negative reviews than positive ones, and consider the source of the reviews. If the review is from a trusted source like TripAdvisor, you can consider it. If the review is from an unknown source, especially a positive review, chances are that it’s someone hiding dirt under the carpet.

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