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15 Hot Tips on How to Prepare for Your Move

Although exciting and full of positive emotions, moving can be quite stressful. You have to make a number of crucial decisions and go through the longest ever list of tasks. But don’t panic: we’ve gathered the top tips to make your move as easy as pie.

#1 Create a moving folder

You don’t want your documents to get lost, right? A smooth and stress free move is all about proper organization. So for a good start, get a folder where you’ll keep your moving checklist, moving paperwork, contracts, receipts, personal documents, and any financial documents related to your new home.

#2 Draw up a moving checklist

Not to miss out any step in your move, create an ultimate checklist of tasks you need to get through. It’s also a great idea to build a timeline for your move. It will help you set the priorities, break the entire routine into minor projects, and efficiently manage your time. No matter how you’re going to move: use the professional moving services or go for a DIY move, with the right planning and preparation, you’ll get the best ever moving experience.

#3 Plan your moving budget

Next, estimate your moving budget. Be sure to include the moving company fee, additional insurance, extra services like moving a piano or packing. If you plan to move by yourself, find out how much truck rental will cost as well as the cost of fuel along your route. Also, take into account the cost of meals, lodging, child or pet care, packing materials and storage space if you need it.

#4 Notify your landlord

Once you’ve decided to move, don’t forget to notify your landlord. Actually, landlords typically contact you to find out whether you’re prolonging your lease or not. However, unless they do, let them know at least a month or two before you move out.

#5 Pack like a pro

Packing is an art. To pack your stuff like a professional, you have to get the right boxes first of all. Categorize your items into groups like books, clothes, etc. and decide what shape and size of boxes you need to pack them all. Also, keep in mind that there are things that require more careful packing, for instance, glassware, electronics or fine art. To make it to your new home in one piece, they basically require extra wrapping and securing it with the strips of scotch tape. If you’re taking your freezer with you, be sure to defrost and drain it. Finally, don’t forget to accurately label your boxes.

#6 Pack your “open first box”

Make a list of essentials you’ll be using on the first day at your new home and keep it close while moving. The “open first box” may include basic toiletries, cleaning supplies, bedding, pet food, a change of clothes and kitchen essentials.

#7 Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

A few weeks before your actual move, consider if you will really need all those things at your new place. Undoubtedly, moving is a perfect opportunity to declutter, and decluttering can save you some money when you move. There are a lot of options how you can dispose of the items you won’t need any more. You can organize a garage sale, sell your stuff on the internet, or just donate it to charity or give away to friends or family.

#8 Update your mailing address

We know that it might seem annoying but no one can do it for you. So just face the challenge and devote a day a couple of weeks before you move to all this change-of-address-routine. You can do it either online or at your local post office. Done? Congrats, your mail will be forwarded to your new place. But that’s not all: remember to update your address with tax agencies, social security administration, insurance providers, your bank, your employer, DMV, and, finally, don’t forget to change your voter registration.

#9 Transfer utilities before you move

A seamless move isn’t just about relocating your stuff. Apparently, you’ll want utilities to be set up at your new home so you can turn on the lights, cook a hot meal and go online as soon as you arrive. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a list of the utilities before your actual move and contact them. Apart from electricity, gas, water and phone, don’t forget about the Internet, TV, garbage or any other services you use. Take care that the services at your new place are started on the day of your move. Also, have the utilities at your old home shut off on the day after your move out.

#10 Tie up all loose ends at your old place

Before you leave for a new place, make sure to pick your clothes up from the dry cleaner and take books back to the library. Also, don’t forget to cancel your local gym membership.

#11 Back up important data

Scan your documents and upload your important files and photos onto cloud storage. Alternatively, you can save files on an external hard drive.

#12 Arrange for child and pet care for moving day

Moving can be tough with small kids and pets running around. Not to mention, it can be dangerous for them. That’s why it’s the best idea to ask a friend or a family member to take care of them on the moving day so that you can focus on moving.

#13 Do a final walkthrough

After the last box is loaded onto the truck, check the place for anything you might have overlooked, including the garage and attic.

#14 Find the key services

To feel like home from the first day in your new neighborhood, consider services you frequently use and find providers at your new place in advance. These typically include pharmacy, doctors and dentists, a dog walker, a babysitter, a mechanic etc.

#15 Hire professional movers

Want a smooth, comfortable and stress free move? The top advice you can get is to find a reliable moving company. Moving professionals have done it thousands of times and can handle even the most complicated case. They have the right experience, skills and equipment to ensure a seamless move. Hiring movers can be pricey, depending on how much stuff you have, but if you use something like car title loans to foot the bill, it will save a lot of time and effort on your part.

To wrap it up

All in all, proper preparation and a detailed plan will make your move smooth and easy. Use our tips to minimize the disruption and focus on settling into your new home.

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