Work Out Your Imagination to Reclaim Your Basement

How often do you remember that there actually is another, much larger room under your living room? Yes, that enormous space downstairs that is likely not doing much while it could make your home a happier and more joyful place. That’s your basement, if you haven’t understood yet. The average basement is often one of the largest rooms in your home. Unfortunately, basements are usually used as storage space. Very rarely, you can see them furnished and carpeted for other uses like fitness or studies.

What’s more their image as dark and damp places further denigrates their status among homeowners. But that needn’t be so. With a little more imagination, a minor financial resources and hard work your basement won’t be just a dark, storage room. You can transform it to become the crown jewel of your home, the envy of the neighborhood.

Check out some of the great suggestions that this post offers you to reconsider the lowest room in your house.

Game Room

Game RoomIf you are after that Vegas set up, then your basement is the right place to fulfill your dreams. You can renovate the place, install a luxurious plush carpet (don’t forget to get professionally cleaned) and put a roulette, pool or black jack table or even a pinball machine. It can become the ultimate retreat for your friends and you. Even hosting poker tournaments without being a threat to your wife’s feng shui situated interior décor.


BarSome will say that putting an actual bar in your home isn’t a good idea. But just imagine how much more comfortable your life will be with a basement bar. Never again facing rowdy crowds, shouting so your friends can hear you and looking for free stools. Your new basement bar can quickly become a popular spot for your friends. Besides, you can do a miracle in terms of decoration- wood panels, stone countertops and warm wool carpeting as the perfect finish.

Home Cinema Centre

Home Cinema Centre

Perhaps the most obvious and the easiest to implement idea. What you need is a nice and warm carpet for your feet, a comfortable recliner for your back and a wide screen TV and surround-sound system for your eyes and ears. You can have great time with your family watching the latest 3D movie with leaving the comfort of your home.

Home Office

Home Office

You can avoid all the commotion and hassle when traveling to work each day or working in your living room while your kids are running around. You can turn your basement into a functional yet creative place to manage your business. In fact, it can be quite an inspirational spot. Not to mention that some of the most successful business empires have sprung from home garages. Why not the next wave to come from basements?

Common problem for all these ideas is keeping the area clean. Have in mind that once you spending more time down there and inviting more and more guests accidents will inevitably occur - minor beer or wine spills, a pizza slice or orange juice on the new carpet. To avoid more serious problems, be prepared to act quickly and clean spills immediately. What’s more hiring a professional carpet cleaning company from time to time, will definitively keep your newly found treasure clean and fresh for longer.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    Wow, I love all your room type suggestions for my basement! My wife and I recently moved to a new home in the suburb, and I want to incorporate your ideas into our home basement. I think our basement is spacious enough to have space for a home theater, a bar, and a corner game room. That would turn our basement into a complete entertainment room for guests. I’ll take your tip and hire a basement remodeling service, install a luxurious plush carpet, a pool table, and widescreen TV with surround sound. Thank you!

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