Which bathtub is more comfortable?

A bath is an essential body care item in every person’s life. In addition to its direct purpose, it helps to abstract from unpleasant sensations, remove accumulated negative emotions and just take a break from everyday worries. Since it is one of the main components in the interior of the bathroom, in addition to convenient use, it must be guaranteed to fit into the existing style.

This small guide is designed to help you make the most rational choice of a bath that will meet all your needs.

Oval-shaped bathtubs for true aristocrats

A distinctive feature of this species is its successful shape that allows the human body to take the most comfortable position while swimming. It is also very convenient to take care of oval bathtubs, rounded shapes are most fully cleaned.

These stone resin products, installed in a bright large room, are always perceived as the best luxury freestanding bathtubs. The streamlined design designs look extremely stylish even when made from inexpensive materials.

Compact corner baths

People who prefer comfort and privacy often prefer corner baths. They can be both rectangular and triangular, which saves space by conveniently placing the bath in the corners of small rooms.

Such a layout is a matter of taste, but in any case, the corner bath looks beautiful, adding a special sophistication to the interior decoration. Bathtubs with a large diagonal can accommodate up to three people and are equipped with additional accessories in the form of headrests, handles, and lights.

Bathtubs in the form of an equilateral triangle fit well into the interiors of spacious rooms, and sitting corner bathtubs allow you to comfortably take water procedures in rooms with a limited area.

Considering that a wide variety of materials are used for the manufacture of corner baths, they may well claim the title of top designs that are equally affordable for both wealthy people and those living on a limited budget.

Luxury freestanding baths

One of the most successful solutions can be a luxury freestanding bath, available at In this case, the design of your room will make a stunning impression. It is important to remember that any bath is the minimum space in which you can get maximum pleasure, relaxing every day. Therefore, the choice of the most acceptable option should take into account several factors at once:

  • successful combination with the existing architectural concept;
  • convenience and pleasure from taking water procedures;
  • the possibility of maintenance and regular comprehensive care.

Comfort niche baths

Bathtubs that can be placed in alcoves are considered one of the most sophisticated. They come in a variety of shapes and guarantee cozy bathing in a closed space between three walls.

The most common niche baths are made of acrylic, cast iron, and stone resin. The final choice depends on the budget and personal taste.

Rooms with alcove baths visually look larger than they are. They can be arranged in any style you like and turn the reception of water procedures into a real pleasure.

Ideal shapes for round bathtubs

Many people mistakenly believe that round baths are not spacious enough, and therefore uncomfortable. However, with a diameter of 150 cm, a beautiful round bathtub will be quite a suitable option for a person of average height. Moreover, it will inevitably appeal to those who like to take water procedures in a sitting position.

For the manufacture of round-shaped bathtubs, acrylic is widely used, which has a low weight and accumulates heat well.

The round bath can be successfully used as a built-in bath. It is installed close to the wall, in which a niche is made to hide water pipes.

Stand alone bathtubs are installed in open areas, and the supply of main communications is equipped under the floor. Such a bath can be equipped with a floor faucet, to which a shower head is connected via a long-corrugated metal sleeve.

Round bathtubs can be installed on podiums, which will significantly affect the presentability of the structure, giving it additional stability through the use of a welded metal base.

Classic squares

The square shape of the bath at first glance may seem uncomfortable and cumbersome. However, they are happy to be installed by those who prefer to stick to the Japanese style in the interior.

It is quite logical that such a form is more designed for an amateur, since it may lack the pleasant streamlined corners that many associate with creative design. However, in a square bath, you can successfully bathe in a sitting position in the same way as in a round one.


Bathtubs of similar designs sometimes do not quite correspond to their name, since purely visually they may appear oval. However, a simple view from above suggests otherwise. In the central part, their walls are curved, forming a general shape in the form of an hourglass vessel.

Many will find such a bath more comfortable, as it allows you to conveniently position your elbows while bathing, especially if you additionally install armrests.

Bath slippers

Some people consider these bathtubs a kind of oval, while others refer to them as corner structures. The name speaks for itself. These baths, one or both edges along the length are made elongated, which partly resembles the contour of a swimming facility. Such a large bathtub is ideal for bathing together. A luxury freestanding bath in the form of a slipper will be a wonderful element that can decorate any interior with the right choice of size and color.

Due to the increased dimensions compared to conventional bathtubs, slippers will require more space for placement. In addition, they are heavier and more expensive, since more material is spent on their manufacture.

Additional selection criteria

The shape of a bathtub is not the only factor that determines its comfort. Do not discount such an indicator as the thermal conductivity of the material. Some people tone up their bodies and get energized when they step into a cool bath. But many people ignore this approach and like to regularly stay in the water at a comfortable temperature. Then you should choose a product from a material that can actively retain heat.

If you use a bath made of a copper alloy, then the desired effect can be achieved because this metal is an excellent conductor of heat. The bath will heat up relatively quickly and retain heat well. Then you can enjoy staying in warm water much longer than in a bath made of other material.

The most reliable in terms of heat conservation can be considered stand alone bathtubs made of stone resin. They are durable and reliable due to the excellent properties of natural and artificial stones. Compared to acrylic, you can relax in them a little longer without feeling discomfort from a decrease in temperature.

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