The Benefits of Reupholstering Antique Furniture

heirloom furnitureGood quality furniture is not so easy to come by nowadays, so hanging on to that quality Parker Knoll armchair or Ercol sofa could be a worthwhile investment.

Whether it is an heirloom piece which has been handed down through your family, or just one of your own favourite pieces, maintaining a quality couch is an investment which will reward you handsomely over the years. The old saying ‘They don't build them like they used to' is unfortunately very true. In a modern world where they pile them high and sell them cheap, it seems everywhere you turn there is a flat pack sale on!

Low cost furniture is a sign of our times and many people are happy to buy their sofas and tables ridiculously cheap and throw them away when the cheap and poorly made furnishings inevitably fall apart.. However, due to the quick manufacturing methods, this furniture is rarely comfortable for long and soon drawers and hinges start to show their true build quality-fabric becomes worn and frayed more quickly, springs begin to make themselves felt, and wooden veneer quickly starts to chip.

So if you are lucky enough to have a piece of furniture be it a sofa, chair, wardrobe or a set of mahogany drawers which is over 10 years old (let alone over 100 years old!) … hang on to it!


If you feel the furniture piece no longer suits your home or lifestyle then you should consider re-upholstery. Re-Upholstery has many benefits and here are just some of those:


Older furniture is usually of higher quality and is more solidly built, from hard woods and metal. Modern furniture tends to be constructed from less durable materials; such as softer woods, plastic, MDF and plywood. If you have a quality piece of furniture, you will find that to replace it with like for like nowadays will cost you several times more than its original cost… so re-upholstering, replacing the padding and re-covering the piece with a new, durable fabric works out as being both cheaper and better value.


Re-upholstering allows you the chance to change the look and feel of old furniture. Choose your favourite colour or texture and mix and match styles to suit your requirements, creating a unique look with sumptuous fabrics. Whether you choose authentic vintage linens, or re-purpose something more unusual-for example French feedsacks-you can produce a gorgeous and interesting look at a fraction of the cost of new.

Sentimental Value

Many pieces of high quality furniture are so much more than just that. They have a history, they have a story to tell and at other times they are just downright comfortable. If it is a family heirloom then it is important that it is cared for and remains usable for generations to come. Furniture like this can be worth a lot of money, but often it is not monetary value that most people care about. It is more the memories and stories associated with such a piece which makes it priceless.


As mentioned before, quality furniture uses quality woods, springs and construction methods. Whilst re-upholstery is not as cheap as replacing it with a low budget simulcra, it certainly costs much less than replacing your furniture with a like for like quality piece. Re-upholstering will save you money in the long run and pay for itself over time-as well as preserving something that is special to you.

If you are interested in re-upholstery services and would like to enquire about the techniques involved, fabric choices and costs, you will find a large choice of suppliers and craftsmen on the internet.


  1. I’m finding it tricky to locate a high-quality television cabinet that doesn’t include drawers etc at a child’s level. I’d really like something high enough
    to ensure that sticky fingers are unable to touch the display but with something decorative on the unused space.

  2. Hi.. i agree of your point and ideas, antique furniture have big benefits than normal furniture like Quality, Customization, Sentimental Value, Cost and more.

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