7 Ways to Protect Your Home During A Renovation

Sometimes, the home you thought would be forever perfect needs a little help along the way. By working with a professional team of qualified renovation experts, building the home of your dreams can be easier than you ever imagined. While this is certainly one of the most exciting moments of any homeowners’ life, making sure you do all the necessary legwork ahead of time will make a world of difference. During a renovation, your home is left especially susceptible to damage and other issues, and so you need to prepare effectively to reduce the occurrence of these issues. Here are seven tips you can keep in mind that will help protect your home during a remodel.

  1. Find the Right Team

When it comes to building the perfect home, one of the most important factors will be the renovation team you decide to work with. Not only do you need to make sure you find a qualified and experienced group, but also that they match your style and aesthetic. Look through reviews and testimonials from past clients, as well as portfolios of completed jobs so that you can be sure you’re starting off on the right foot with a team that will live up to your expectations.

  1. Store Valuables Ahead of Time

Remember that diamond necklace you got for your last birthday or even that chest that your great grandmother left you when she passed? These are the last things you want to have around your home during a renovation. Not only is the construction process itself hazardous, but you will have people walking in and out of your home, leaving it open to intruders and the perfect opportunity for thieves. It’s incredibly important that you remove any and all valuables from your home and store them in a safe place, such as your neighbour’s home, a storage facility, or with a family member, ahead of time.

  1. Install Reliable Security

If you’ve been thinking of installing a security system, now’s probably the best time to do it. Your home will never be more vulnerable than during a renovation but installing reliable home security products and systems can help ensure that you have the added protection you need around the clock. With the advances in modern technology, you can even link your system up to your smartphone, allowing you to keep an eye on your property, every hour, day or night.

  1. Lay Down a Designated Path

As your home renovation project proceeds, construction debris is almost guaranteed to make its way around your yard. Nails, broken pieces of wood, even chunks of metal, are a number of dangerous materials that can easily find their way onto your walking path. The last thing you want is a nail coming through the bottom of a shoe. So, by laying down a clear and designated path made from lighter coloured material, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to avoid any unexpected visits to the hospital.

  1. Upgrade Your Locks

With so many people making their way in and out of your home, it’s easy to feel a little concerned about who’s really coming and going and when. By adding a keyless code entry system to your home, you’ll be able to give everyone working on the project their own personal code, which will allow you to see who’s coming into your home and at what time. It also means you won’t have to worry about people losing keys, which can put your home at even greater risk. These home security products will be sure to keep your home safe and sound for the length of your project and also beyond.

  1. Clean up After Every Day

Renovation projects can get pretty messy and disorganised. By taking the time to straighten up and reorganise your home at the end of every day, you’ll not only be able to keep track of your personal belongings and deter intruders from feeling like your home is an open playground for them to pick through.

  1. Keep Children Informed

Have you got young children in your home? Then one of the most important steps you can take is to make sure they are familiar with each and every member or your renovation team. Of course, your children may have been taught to avoid strangers, but this idea can quickly get thrown out the window when unfamiliar faces are coming in and out of their home on a daily basis. By introducing your children to the people working on your home, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t be tricked into letting someone into your home who shouldn’t be there.

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