What to Consider when Choosing an Office Chair

office-chairWhile shopping for comfortable and elegant chair for you office should focus on a chair that fits to your priorities and needs at first. The chair which is declared to be comfortable and stress free does not necessarily has all the features that can make it stress free and comfortable. Certain tips for selecting an office chair provided in this article should be considered.

Shape and size of seat pan should be comfortable
The size of seat pan of your chair you choose should be minimum one inch wider than the size of your hips and thighs to make you comfortable when you sit on it. The seat pan should not be too long for your legs as either it will prevent you to get the lumbar support from the back of the seat or it will catch you behind the knees. If the size of the seat pan too short then it can never be comfortable for you as neither can you ever sit on it properly nor can you avail its lumbar support. A seat pan with waterfall front can ideally be considered as comfortable and stress free as you can never be caught behind your knees with it. The seat pan of your office chair should be shaped in a way to allow your weight evenly distributed all over it to make you sit on it comfortably.

Proper lumbar support
An office chair with cushioned and adjustable lumbar support can be considered as the best suitable one as it can be adjusted upwards, downwards, backwards and forwards as per the need of the person sitting on it. Such chair can be used comfortably by various types of people by adjusting its height when required. But you can also choose a chair with fixed lumbar support if it is to be used by you only and you find it comfortable.

Adjustable seat pan
An office chair with adjustable seat pan height can also be ideal for people with variable heights. The height of seat pan of such chairs can be adjusted by the users so that their knees stay in level or slightly below the level of their thighs while their feet rest on the ground firmly. Your chair should not allow you to use footrest in any case if it can be adjusted as per your height. The mechanism used to adjust the height of the chair should be easy to approach and operate, even when you are seated on it.

Cover for your Chair
You should also think of selecting its seat covers as they will not only keep it clean and comfortable but also enhance its looks. The continuous use of the chair will make it dirty if you have not used an easily maintainable and cleanable cover on it. Vinyl seat covers are easy to clean and spill resistant but they make you uncomfortable when it gets heated after sitting for some time. Cloth covers can be good alternative but it can not be cleaned easily. So you should choose it material after considering its pros and cons.

Choose a chair with long-term consideration
The office chair you choose should be made up of proper and solid material so that it can maintain the shape of seat pan even after several hours at a stretch. The shape of seat pan can be deformed permanently even after sitting on it for 1 or 2 hours if it is made of low density foam. Office Reality have a wide range of such chairs. So you should select a chair to be comfortable for you from all aspects for longer time.

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