How to Give Your Bathroom a Cheap Facelift

How to Give Your Bathroom a Cheap FaceliftHome renovations are often thought of as the most tiresome personal projects, involving a lot of extra energy and money that can eat up your free time. However, many remodeling projects can be completed over the course of one weekend-and at a fraction of the cost that you might expect. One fantastic weekend renovation project is giving your bathroom a facelift-installing new fixtures and adding more style and flair to this important room in your home. With a little preparation, you can easily update the look of your bathroom without having to remove your current bathroom appliances.

Finding Fantastic Fixtures: Knowing What to Look for, and When to Buy

Finding new cabinets, shelves, mirrors, faucets, and other accessories can be a daunting task, but narrowing down your search is easy by doing comparison shopping online from different home improvement stores. Since wall accessories are easily installable, in that they do not necessitate any changes to your plumbing or electrical system, they can be hung by yourself or with minimal assistance from a professional. Installing new faucet fixtures is also a relatively easy task, but might involve more assistance from a processional, depending on your own comfort level with tools.

Look for items on sale-retail markups rarely reflect the actual quality of home improvement products. If you want to see the product in person before buying it, call your local branch of the store to see if they carry your product on the floor. Often, a sales clerk will be able to help you match a designer or brand name high-end fixture-almost exactly-with a less expensive alternative, usually without sacrificing any quality or function. Shopping during the two sale peaks in the industry, the end of May and the end of September, will give you a better chance of scoring a great deal, since many retailers are eager to shed their extra products in anticipation of the new shopping season when their new products hit the stores.

Let There Be Light:

Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces with awkward lighting-too fluorescent, and your beauty routine will seem like a hospital operation, too dim, and it will be impossible to find your shampoo in the shower. Think about what kinds of lighting is already in place in your bathroom: can you select a different fixture to be screwed into your lighting socket? Perhaps choose different bulbs that provide a more natural light setting than what is currently in place? Furthermore, a poorly-lit bathroom should certainly take advantage of a window if there is one, balancing the need for privacy with the ability to showcase your personal style on a budget. Fantastic curtains specially designed for use in the bathroom can be found at extremely low price ranges in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to let sunlight into the space without letting the outside see inside your bathroom.

Setting the Tone of Your Bathroom: Selecting Your Style

Painting your walls with a fresh coat of glossy paint can brighten up your space, and facilitate bathroom cleanup as easier to wipe down and remove debris from the glossy coating. Since bathrooms are typically a smaller room than what is in the rest of the house, these walls are able to handle a larger wallpaper print style-and there is less space to cover, so your purchase will be even less expensive. Find a pattern of wallpaper that speaks to you and your style, whether it be full floor-to-ceiling panels or simply a small decorative strip that traces along the upper corners of the room. Often prepared with a peel-and-stick adhesive, it is possible to freshen up your bathroom's look in no time.

The experts at Fischer Plumbing can help you to perform installation of your quick-fix upgrades, as well as provide advice about additional options for remodeling your bathroom at an affordable price. By focusing on finding products on sale, working with the existing plumbing and electricity setup instead of against it, and committing to fast, easy installation methods, you and your family will be enjoying a stylish new bathroom in no time.

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