What Are the Common Causes of Water Leaks?

Most of the plumbing structure is hidden from you making it hard to detect early signs of water leaks that a plumbing expert would easily be able to detect. Water leaks from your taps can wastewater, causing them to become rusty, and damage your home. Paint that has peeled off your wall could be a sign of a water damaged behind your wall.

Surely, you don’t like to see your house in such a condition. Water leaks are sneaky problems that are left unnoticed until they cause bigger damage. Knowing the causes of your water leak can prevent water leaks in their earlier stages.

Read all about the most common causes of household water leaks you must know to avoid further damage in the future.

The Most Common Causes of Water Leaks

Clogged Drains

You keep on putting things in your drains that they can’t digest. This can include hair, cement stones, tissue paper, or other similar things. What happens is that your drains become clogged and they are unable to pass the water. Over time, your clogged drains cause your pipes to become clogged.

This situation can lead to pipe bursting or cracking that is not visible to you. This normally appears when you see wall seepage around it causing a foul smell. To avoid this problem and its costly repairs avoid throwing materials down your drain.

Tap Tightening

Many dads order their children, not to tighten the taps too much after use. Just like not closing your tap can leak water, too much tightening of your water tap can also cause water leaks. Too much tightening can damage the tap washer. Just turn off the tap with an optimal amount of pressure.


Corrosion and rust can eat away your pipes. Your pipes corrode sooner if your water is hard. The presence of calcium, magnesium, and iron in hard water can bring about many problems. One of them is the development of rust in your pipes. This rust can damage your pipes causing them to leak water. The recommended pH level for water is about 6.5-8.5.

You can normalize your water by putting certain tabs in the tank. This will reduce the amount of hardness in the water.

High Pressure Of Water

It may feel good to have water flow through your pipes at full pressure out of your taps or showers. The ideal level of pressure is 60 psi. However, your home taps can withstand a pressure of about 80 psi. Pressure more than that can cause leaks. Overly high pressures can stress out your pipes causing them to burst.

If you feel high-pressures of water coming out of your taps, you need to immediately call a professional plumbing service for maintenance.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are also made of metal. They store water to heat it and deliver it to your bathroom and kitchen pipes. Usually, water heaters are installed in such a location that receives minimal traffic. The loose connections, valves, and sudden changes in water temperature can damage the internal structure of your water heater.

Moreover, water heaters have a limited life after which you need to replace them. But, if you think that your water heater needs repair, it’s best to call a professional plumber.

Worn out Seals

While installing plumbing appliances, your plumber puts seals around all water connectors. This seal helps in the prevention of water leakage. As your appliances wear out over time, the seals can break or wear out. As you can’t see if your water seals are wearing out or not, this can cause a water leak. Worn out seals is one of the most common causes of water leaks in a household.

Now that you know the common causes of household water leaks, you can keep on monitoring any cause. Timely monitoring and prevention can save you from bigger damage to your home. Ask a professional plumber to solve your water leakage problems in case of a serious issue.

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