How to give your fireplace a makeover?

FireplaceIn the winters, all that you think of is a cup of hot chocolate by a beautiful fireplace. A fireplace brings the much needed warmth and creates a relaxing environment in your home when it is really cold outside. Traditionally, a fireplace is build using bricks and stones. Wood acts as a fuel and the smoke escapes through a chimney. With time, even fireplaces are getting revamped and modernized. Latest designs are more about visual charm than the usage. Fireplaces are now constructed using metallic sheets and glass. Also, instead of burning wood that produces lethal smoke, electricity is being used to generate heat.

Like any other area of your house, the fireplace can use a makeover too. And here are a few ideas to miraculously transform a boring fireplace into something stylish and contemporary.

The Mirror Work

The most up-to-date approach for designing a fireplace is a use of mirrors. Place a mirror on top of the fireplace crown. The mirrors reflect light and create a warm ambiance. Also, mirrors make a place look bigger. Pick large mirrors. Rectangular and round mirrors are the best-shaped mirrors for this purpose.

The Glassy Look

Glass can be used to cover the fireplace opening. In case of a modern electrical fireplace, a see through glass is absolutely eye-catching. You can see the electrical fire through the glass and can enjoy the setting. You can even opt for colored glasses for a fresh look.

The Tile Effect

Tiles can make a fireplace look beautiful in the ways that you cannot even imagine! Tiles of different sizes and shapes tiles can be placed in a mosaic pattern. Colorful tiles can be skillfully placed to form innovative designs. Glittery tiles help to give the fireplace a sparkling glow. There is a large variety of tiles to choose from. And each tile will create mystic look.

The Stylish Curtains

Curtains are a good way to cover fireplaces. They must be placed in a manner that only the sides of the fireplace are hidden and the main crown is visible. There is a huge assortment of curtains available in market that you can select. Transparent curtains, colorful curtains, embroidered curtains etcetera can be adorned on fireplaces for a unique look.

The Burning Candles

The top of the fireplace can be decorated with candles of different sizes and colors. Not only do they provide a traditional look, but they also create astonishing light effects. Aroma candles can also be burnt to help create a soothing environment. Imagine sitting on a couch by the fireplace and puffing the aroma of lavender candles. The thought itself relaxes our senses. Candles serve both decorative and aromatic purposes.

The Framed Memories

Do you have numerous picture frames but no place to show them off? If yes, then try the top of a fireplace. This can be the best place to display your favorite memories. How good will it be to sit in front of the fireplace eyeing the photo frames and reminiscing old memories. You can pick different styles of frames to give an ultra-modern look to your fireplace.

The Paint Show

Unleash the artist in you and paint all around your fireplace. The surrounding bricks, when painted in colors like white or blue, will give a groovy look the boring fireplace. You can also draw intricate patterns or block designs. This is your canvas so go create magic.

These are some basic ideas to give a much-needed makeover to the fireplace you own. Don't wait up, put on your creative hat and let your ideas flow freely!


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