Types of Carpets for Your Home

carpetsChoosing a carpet for your house is a very responsible and hard task. You have to be careful to pick a rug which best fits the rest of the interior in your home, and to your way of lifestyle. It is also very important to choose a flooring which is easy for maintenance, and won’t get damaged by your habits and everyday actions on the second day.

How to Pick the Right for You Carpet?

This is a challenging task because there are numerous fabrics, which are used in carpet manufacturing. Each of them has its own properties and specifications, and each of them is cleaned differently. I’m about to give you some information about a few of the most popular types of carpets, so don’t stop reading.

Jute Carpets

jute rugsJute is the second most popular natural material for producing fabrics. Only cotton is more used than it. It is mainly used in the clothing industry, but carpets made of jute are also very popular. The material is very strong and doesn’t attract dust like other types of fabrics. That is why jute carpets are appropriate even for allergy sufferers. Jute carpets are also resistant to humidity. They look very stylish, they are absolutely Eco-friendly, and they can be maintained very easily by only vacuuming them. The worst thing about jute carpets is that when a stain happens you can’t remove it with the usual carpet cleaning methods, because you can’t wet jute. It is almost impossible to remove a spot from jute rugs. Even professional cleaners can’t manage this task sometimes. Another disadvantage of jute carpets is that they get lighter when exposed to direct sunlight. Sun rays dry jute fibres and practically bake them. Avoid exposing your jute floorings to big amounts of moisture, too, because this will make them attract and keep microbes.

Wool Carpets

wool carpetThese floorings are awesome. Actually this is my favourite type of carpets and I have three of them at home. They are very soft, they are resistant to all kinds of dirt and stains, they can be maintained easily and everything can be cleaned from them. Plus, wool carpets add a lot of warmth, style and charm to a house. These floorings are sold in different patterns, colours and sizes, and can fit any home decorated in any style. The biggest disadvantage of wool rugs is that they absorb a lot of dust and house all kinds of micro-organisms, if not maintained regularly. This can be a very serious problem for allergy and respiratory problems sufferers. The best way to clean these floorings is with a steam cleaning machine.

Synthetic Carpets

polypropylene carpetThe word synthetic is a collective for nylon, polypropylene and other types of artificial fibres. These floorings are cheaper than the previous two types, but they are not that resistant and long-lasting. They are very easy for maintenance and most stains can be removed from them, but if they are not cleaned regularly, their fibres become matted and ugly. Synthetic rugs can’t be cleaned with hot-water extraction method and shouldn’t be used in rooms with fireplaces. They melt when exposed to high levels of heat. Professional cleaners use dry carpet cleaning when they have to clean nylon or polypropylene carpets.

Sisal Carpets

sisal carpetSisal is a natural material, just like jute. It is a plant with undetermined origin. In the past it was mainly imported from Yucatan, but no origins of the plant were found there. Nowadays, Sisal is grown in different parts of South America, Africa and Florida. It can probably be found in Asia, too, but who knows. Anyway, Sisal has the same uses as jute, although it is not such a popular material. It is also resistant to humidity, and can’t be cleaned with water. Sisal carpets are antistatic and don’t absorb dust, but they have to be vacuumed regularly. Be careful not to stain them, because stains can’t be removed.

These are only a few types of carpets that can be found on the market. Be very careful what you choose when looking for a new rug, because picking the wrong flooring can cost you a lot of money and nerves. If you have a pet, don’t go for an expensive carpet from natural materials, as it will be ruined very fast. And remember, if you are not sure that you’ll manage a carpet issue on your own, always call a professional carpet cleaning and maintenance expert to help you. It is better to spend some money on cleaning services than to spend a lot of money on a new carpet.

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