The Colours to Use in Interiors for 2016

fgdd2016 is here, and with it come a whole new range of fashion predictions for those looking to redesign their interior spaces. While most people don’t tend to redecorate their homes every year just to fit with the trends, if you are planning a refresh, then it is always a good idea to take inspiration from the designs that are in fashion right now, to get a look that is contemporary and stylish.

Colour and Design

Colour is one of the things that can really define a year in fashion, and each year, colour institute Pantone reveals its ‘Colour of the Year’, along with palettes that use this colour to fit in with both the spring/summer and fall/winter fashion seasons. These colours are used in everything from clothing to website design, and are of course, also very prevalent in interior design.

The 2016 Colour

Pantone surprised everybody who watches colour fashion when it released the ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2016 back in December. Why? Well, for the first time ever, there was not one single colour for the year, but a combination of two - a pastel pink called Rose Quartz and a powdery baby blue called Serenity. Does this mean there is a choice of two different colours if you want the 2016 look? No, in fact the idea behind it is that the colours should be used together, whether in blocks, prints or merging gradients, to achieve different effects that capture the design mood of the year.

Using Rose Quartz and Serenity in Your Home

While these colours are close to what we might consider ‘baby’ colours, or feminine pastels, they have a sophisticated edge which makes them very easy to work in to your interiors. Serenity has a coolness that is offset by the warmth underlying Rose Quartz, which can be used to great effect to create a balanced yet comfortable look in your interiors. Mixing these delicate colours with hard, sharp materials makes for a very modern contrast that can look amazing, so look out for glass and metallic furnishings, or sleek leather in white or neutrals from Pantone’s 2016 palettes like lilac grey. Use minimalist furnishings and classic lines, like these rolling horizontal striped Zebra sheer shades for windows, to keep the look bold and lose the childlike, girly feel.

These colours lend themselves to luxury fabrics too, whether it is floaty chiffons and silks or plush velvets, so if you prefer a more opulent look you can get this with a new and interesting edge, where deeper colours like reds and golds are more commonly used in these types of fabric.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are colours that can be used anywhere in the home, adding a calming, cool feel to bedrooms, a sophisticated look to living spaces, and a light, airy effect in smaller rooms. If you are looking for a brand new colour scheme for one or more rooms in your home this year, taking inspiration from Pantone is always a good idea!

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