Home Robbery Prevention Tips

It's a fact, there are burglaries happening all the time. Taking this into consideration, we really should be thinking of ways to keep our homes safe. In addition to pondering their own ideas, homeowners are encouraged to see what their community is saying about how to protect themselves.

For example, having a spare key to use when getting locked out of home is a basic and very common safety measure. Likewise, installation or rekey of home locks is obligatory for those who move to a new house or apartment. While having a spare key is great, please do remember to keep it somewhere safe. The first place that a criminal will check is under the mat, a plant, or under any rocks that look out of place. Remember that having high quality locks doesn’t mean anything if the key is readily available. Another option is giving the key to a neighbor that is trusted, or a family member that lives close by.

Install Alarm System

One of the best and most important tips that can be given is to install a home alarm system. There are so many alarm systems on the market that you can always find one that fits any need or budget. Some homeowners that have alarm systems only use them while they are away. This is bad practice, as alarm systems should be used even when the homeowners are at home. When the alarm is activated, the police are notified at that instant and officers can be on the premises within minutes.

Turn on Outdoor Lights

eu5trtdffAnother tip that is quite simple is to keep exterior lights on in the evening. Some homeowners like to turn these off before they go to bed, but leaving outside lights on can ward off potential intruders. Trimming bushes and shrubs in front of the house is also a good idea, that way intruders have no place to hide when cars drive by.

Keep the Home Looking Lively

One more way to keep a house safe is to maintain its appearance as being occupied. Mail or newspapers that have piled up might indicate that the home is vacant, making it the perfect target. It is also advised to be put on a "Do Not Drop" list if possible. This means that solicitors can’t drop leaflets at your home. Prior to leaving on a trip, make sure that the lawn is manicured and won’t overgrow by the time the trip is over.

If for some reason the home still gets broken into, prepare the interior. Thieves will go for dressers in bedrooms, this is where many homeowners store their jewelry and other valuables. Remove any of these items from the dresser and lock them in a safe. Also, instead of a traditional safe, opt for a hidden safe.

This type of safes looks ordinary but can keep valuables hidden. They come in a wide variety like an air vent, head of lettuce, and even a socket. Don’t forget to take photos of these items because if they turn up missing this will be extremely helpful to investigators.

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