Twin Room Organization and Decoration Ideas

Twin Room IdeasHaving twins is a handful, my sister has and they drive her nuts. First you get the feeling like your mom didn’t give you a full set of hands, because two is never enough! Secondly, you feel like you are constantly running out of space. The corridor and the doorway are too narrow for the carriage. The clothes are quickly outgrown and there are not enough dressers in the world to accommodate the shoes, toys and all the different pieces of clothing. The last thing you want now is for your twins to fight for the space in their room. Here are a few gorgeous twin room ideas that will hopefully inspire you and help you create order once and for all.

High Sleepers Beds

Twin Room Ideas

These are life-savers in terms of space! Put the kids on top of each other, or place two high sleeper beds in the different corners of a room. Underneath the beds, instead of another bed, place the kids’ desks/ play areas. You can always put the beds on top of each other and the desks next to each other, but from observation it might be a bit distracting. This way they will also develop a sense of independence and a sense they have their own corner.


Twin Room Decoration

Dressers, dressers, everywhere. Use every inch of space for storage from underneath the beds to the steps of their high sleepers bed! Use baskets and chests for the toys. Label everything from their shoes, to their clothes. Repeat after me: “There’s no such thing as too much labels!” This will teach your kids to be organized as well.


Twin Room

Make sure every piece of furniture you have in the kid’s room is safe. It will be put to a test, especially if you have boys, who are more fond of “action games” rather than to put dresses on dolls and to braid their hair. Make sure you place carpet tiles, area rugs or fluffy carpets in the room in case they jump, fight, slip or play. The carpets will soften the bump, or hit and they will be up on their feet in no time. As we are speaking of safety, placing a carpet and forgetting about its existence is also NOT safe. You need to take proper care of it. Your kids will touch it with their hands, will lay and sit on it. Clean the carpets and upholstery professionally at least twice an year to eliminate the chances of allergies and asthma and don’t worry about the cleaning detergents. Professional carpet cleaning services now use natural, safe and tested products that are child and pet-safe.


Twin Rooms

In the images shown in this article, you will notice that the walls are colourful and bold. The colours themselves are stimulating and exciting. I don’t know about you, but they made me want to be a child again! Choose your kids’ favourite colour-this will make them like their room more.

If you have a boy and a girl, this could be more complicated. You might want to paint in neutral colours and pick neutral furniture. You might also place the beds in different corners of the rooms and add a little boy-ish, girl-ish twist to each corner.

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