Top Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Decorating your home can be an exciting affair if you approach it systematically and logically. The only reason why many people are dissatisfied with the outcome is because they have not taken the trouble of thinking through the project properly and, as a result, may have ended up making quite a few of the most common home decorating mistakes. Here are the things that you must avoid:


Selecting Ill-Fitting Furniture

You should choose the individual pieces of furniture so that they fit properly in the space available. It doesn't really matter if you are getting something for a bargain, you really wouldn't' want to ruin the appearance of the room because it looks awkward and out of place due to its size or shape. Even if the ultra-large sofa really looks very luxurious and comfortable, you should say no to it if there's no space to accommodate it properly. It is best that you measure the spaces available before you buy a single piece of furniture, and ensure you stick to them.

Placing an Unanchored Rug in the Room

It's usually a great idea to use a rug on the floor to connect the various pieces of furniture in the room, both physically and visually. You should ensure that the rug is large enough to be tucked under the front legs of sofas, chairs, metal beds and tables; so that it remains fixed and does not present a safety hazard to people. It is so easy for the unmindful to slip when the rug suddenly moves under their feet or to trip on an edge. Rugs can be a wonderful and colorful accessory to the room when the selection is done with care.

Pushing All Furniture Up Against the Room's Walls

Most people are inclined to think that the room will appear larger if the middle can be kept vacant by not keeping any furniture in it and by pushing all the pieces of furniture to the walls. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You can place a sofa so that there's enough space to place a table behind it and also allow enough walking space between the table and the wall. You can then place some decorative items on the table as well as a reading lamp so that people are encouraged to see the back of the sofa and get a different perspective of the room. By shifting chairs out of corners you can make the room look more spacious and airy.

Don't Display All the Collectibles

There is always the tendency to try and display the collectibles that you have picked up from your travels or elsewhere all at once. However, having too many items detracts from their beauty and uniqueness. Display some of the articles ensuring there is no clutter, and keep away the rest. You can then opt to rotate these items once in a while to keep up the freshness of the décor of the room.

Using Too Many Prints and Patterns

The secret to a harmonious home décor is a careful selection of the color scheme of the walls, furniture, drapes, and upholstery. As you would not like to pick up pieces of furniture that would clash with each other because of their styling, you should also take care to see that fabrics and colors are not chosen arbitrarily just because you happen to like them at various points of time. You should first decide your color scheme, and then go on to pick fabrics that may have stripes, prints or plaids to complement the selection. Take a look at Examiner's latest guide on beds for some really wonderful ideas on choosing bedspreads that will lend your room an extra zing.


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