The Secrets of Happy Carpets [Infographic]

Cleanliness of carpets is one of the cornerstones of home comfort. One is always judged by their house cleanliness standards and carpets are the first impression targets. No wonder many hostesses are so anxious of keeping their carpets spotless. However, with our hectic life pace, there's not much time to spend on cleaning and scrubbing.

These days when it comes to carpet cleaning more and more people in the UK resort to using professional services. That means that we let a new person into our house and that might feel a little uncomfortable. There are plenty of horror stories of unfortunate carpet cleaning experiences you can hear from neighbours and friends.

The aim of this piktochart infographic is to create an understanding about professional carpet cleaning and ease up the choice of a high quality service provider.


Quality carpet cleaning is ensured by following 9 steps described in this colourful infographic scheme. These stages are recommended by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). Each of them is absolutely necessary and must not be left out to guarantee the best results possible.

After you get to know this routine you can feel easier when letting in the carpet cleaning team. Now you can relax, leave the job in professional hands and use the spare time to have a good time with your family.

Jim Roffey is an accredited member of NCCA and provides Carpet Cleaning in Southend, Essex.

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