The Art of Mixing and Matching – Farmhouse Decor Tips for a Cohesive Look

Balance is key to creating a cohesive look for modern farmhouse decor. Combine airy aesthetics with natural textures, and don’t be afraid to use a few industrial metal accents for contrast.

We asked design experts for their best tips and tricks to help you create a boho farmhouse look that feels curated and true to your aesthetic. These farmhouse decor ideas are sure to inspire you.

Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

The rustic beauty of exposed wood ceiling beams appeals to many design styles, from modern farmhouses to classic artisans. Whether left natural or painted in light shades, these wooden joists add height and depth to a room.

In this living space, the wood beams lining the ceiling serve as a blank canvas for displaying artwork and a curated collection of accent pieces—a contemporary light beige sofa and neutral color palette temper the farmhouse style.

Coastal farmhouse decor is often characterized as casual and low-key, almost shabby chic, which makes it easy to go overboard on the theme. To keep this look from overwhelming a modern home, draw inspiration but refrain from mimicking it completely. For example, balance a coastal farmhouse painting with antique picture frames or a barnyard door-inspired coffee table made from a found object.

Industrial Metal Accents

Metallic accents run the gamut in terms of color and finish. While mixing metals is an excellent way to showcase your design skills, a single tone can make your home feel polished and refined. Gold finishes are echoed in modern tabletop accessories and a decorative wall mirror.

Rustic and industrial decor styles can blend beautifully. Try incorporating elements from both types into one room, such as a wood coffee table with metal legs or a rustic console with a metal base.

If you prefer a more industrial look, repurpose vintage picture frames made of raw metal into unique wall art. You can also craft your one-of-a-kind frames using metal piping or fittings. These frames will add a special touch to your farmhouse décor and make your home eclectic.

Textured Walls

Even the most basic textured walls can instantly elevate a space. And the best part is that they work well for modern and coastal farmhouses.

Kuo advises drawing inspiration from farmhouse coastal decor schemes but not embracing them as your “house theme.” Instead of stocking up on ocean paintings and favoring rustic wooden pieces, try nodding to the style by mixing a few accent items.

For example, balance clean white cabinets with antique picture frames or a gallery wall of eclectic art. This way, you get the benefits of the farmhouse, like organization and whimsy, without going all-in on a specific style. The result is a cohesive look that’s both on-trend and truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, it will feel authentic and personal, which is what interior design should always be about.

Textured Floors

Farmhouse decor is all about blending old and new materials. That’s why it’s a great style for homeowners who like incorporating natural wood, reclaimed materials, and cotton accents into their homes.

Textured floors are one of the best ways to bring these elements together. These floors look great in rooms with a lot of traffic, and they can help mask the appearance of scratches and other wear and tear.

One of the most popular textured flooring options is hand-scraped hardwoods. These floors are gaining popularity due to their ability to enhance the visual texture of a room while also providing warmth and sophistication. They’re also easier on the feet than smooth surfaces, making them a good choice for people with difficulty moving around.

Textured Rugs

Rugs help define a space and set the tone for your home. They’re the perfect place to layer texture and pattern—and if you choose wisely, your mix-and-match rugs will be easy on the eyes and your feet.

Try jute or sisal rugs for a casual look, wool shags for a plush feel and looped pile rugs for a more structured, modern look. These textured rugs blend natural colors and neutrals into your overall design scheme.

You’ll want to be careful not to overdo it on patterns and textures, especially in rooms with high amounts of visual noise. However, mixing and matching rugs can effectively reinvigorate your farmhouse style if you can correct your proportions.

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