Rethinking Renovation – 5 Common Pitfalls of Taking On a Renovation Project

Renovations are fraught with obstacles, both avoidable and not so.

If you go into a renovation project without a clear idea of what will happen, with cheap materials, and with the intent to get the job done as quickly as possible regardless of the outcome, you’re bound to end up with a sub-par renovation job.

However, if you begin your renovation project with a comprehensive plan and cost list, a day-by-day breakdown of operations, good quality materials and contractors from DLL labour hire, your job should turn out successful, with few troubles along the way.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the common pitfalls of taking on a renovation project and how to avoid them.

Not Planning

This is pitfall number one for many people, as it is the step before anything begins, and that is the point at which people are most likely to rush ahead. Taking your time to make a detailed plan of your project, including a cost list and a day-by-day breakdown of operations will allow you to prepare for potential problems, and circumvent others entirely.

Plans may be tedious to make, but they help illuminate the whole process from start to finish and give you something to fall back on when things might seem to go awry.

Cutting Corners

Cutting corners is not only a great way to derail a project early on but is also an exemplary way to make a section of your house unstable. Attempting to find easy-outs in construction is a terrible idea in every way, shape, or form, and we cannot stress enough how dangerous this is when modifying an existing building. There’s no shortcut to this, just make sure everything is done properly, no matter how long it takes.material

Cheap Materials

Materials can be pricey sometimes, and it’s important to not let yourself get fleeced on the costs. However, paying too little, especially a suspiciously low amount, can lead to your renovation, or house no longer being structurally sound, which is all kinds of dangerous.

Buying good materials is the only way to go when it comes to building your home renovation because the only person who’s losing when you buy cheap materials is yourself. There’s no substitute for quality, and that’s a motto to keep in your head when buying building materials and the fittings for the house itself.


Pushing your team through construction too quickly can result in a whole mess of problems, many of which can be very expensive to fix. Being impatient with your build time can seriously damage your renovations, and the only way around that is to be calm, and allow things to take as long as they need to. Researching times beforehand can help you approximately plan for the total build time, which can help quell feelings of time wasting.

Troublesome Tradies

Finally, who you hire to do the work itself is crucial, and finding a contractor with lots of recommendations is a good idea, as it protects you from the tradies who are less honest and trustworthy. Shoddy workmanship and high prices are just a few of the concerns brought about by going with unlicensed or shady contractors, so do yourself a favour and go with a trustworthy tradie to avoid a headache later on.

With these tips taken into account, your renovations should go smoothly and easily, avoiding the pitfalls many others fall into.

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