Light Up Your Fireplace With Artwork and Wall Treatments

modern-fireplaceYou got a fireplace in your house? If yes, you can have an excellent opportunity to make your fireplace the focal point while enjoying its warmth during the colder months. Simultaneously, it allows you to stir up a room's style. Whether you line the interior of the fireplace, create a unique surround or go for unusual wall treatments; you can find out many ways to make your fireplace stand out. Let us find out different eye-catching ways to get your home a unique look using your fireplace to the fullest.

Drift your fireplace

Is there a recessed wall in your house? Opt for using it for installing a fireplace in it. Get a freestanding fireplace and fit it into that wall. It offers you a three-dimensional feel and opportunity for lighting backlights behind the fireplace.

Use bold artwork

A fireplace becomes vibrant with an accessory placed into the space right above it. Your fireplace can draw all the attention if you hang an incredible artwork onto the space. All you need to do is to find a signature artwork piece that will bring decorative aspects out of the room to create connection.

Be creative

Be creative with your fireplace. Create square recessed shelving just right to the fireplace. This shelving will act as display for special art pieces. And nobody will prevent him from looking at this unexpected element.

Use an unusual shade

You can differentiate your fireplace from other elements of your living room if you paint your mantle in unusual color. For instance, your rustic living room will look lively, if you paint your mantle with high gloss green color. Highlight your room by installing a complimentary colored red couch.

Make the fireplace broader

Fire can burn well if the fireplace is wide enough. Not only that, it looks beautiful and creates an eye-catching appeal.

Place colorful tile to the base

Install colorful tiles to the base of the fireplace. If you take it from decorative perspective, the unique patterns of tiles draw attention of the guests towards your fireplace while from functional perspective; the tiles protect your floors from loose sparks.

Keep interesting objects inside your fireplace

When your fireplace is not in use, you can make it interesting. You can prefer to keep unusual objects inside this and maintain it as a focal point. Keep spherical balls inside your rectangular fireplace to bring a contrast to it.

Decorate the interior of the fireplace

The decoration of a fireplace ceases at the mantle and the surround. Well, you can create a magic with the interior of your fireplace by decorating it. Create a beautiful backdrop in the interior your fireplace.

These are all about how to make your fireplace a focal point of your living space. Well, if you do not prefer to clean the chimney of your fireplace once a year, you cannot enjoy the warmth to the fullest and your fireplace will be of no use. The worst part your investment will go wasted. Opt for a professional cleaning and keep your fireplace cleaner, safer and attractive.

A chimney sweep can help you if you need to get your fireplace and chimney cleaned. White suggests you opt for this service for the ultimate satisfaction.

Adrice White is an experienced chimney sweep working in England. He takes an interest in writing articles on chimney sweeping. He has been into this field for the last 10 years. You can avail more information about functioning chimney and fireplace or stove from his blog posts.

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