Kitchen Renovation – What You Need to Know

A kitchen renovation is a major project that typically involves new flooring and reworking the layout of existing cabinets, countertops, and appliances. It might also include adding a new kitchen island or other features to accommodate your lifestyle.


Homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the room tends to be one of the most expensive areas in the house to remodel. Cabinets consume 28 percent of the typical kitchen remodel budget and define the look of the space. Ornate crown molding, pilasters, and decorative trim also eat up budgets. Homeowners who stick with more basic woodwork and avoid status-oriented brands can save money.

Major renovations take the kitchen down to the studs and more or less start from scratch. Rerouting plumbing and gas lines and tearing down walls, as does a complete kitchen expansion, adds to the cost. Whether you want to change the layout, incorporate an island, or swap out old appliances for energy-efficient models, the goal of a major kitchen redo is to make the room feel new and functional.


Regarding kitchen renovation design, several factors need to be considered. These include layout, materials and finishes, appliances, and storage.

The overall layout of your kitchen is key to workflow. If your kitchen has an awkward or inconvenient floor plan, it can be difficult to work efficiently.

Changing the layout of your kitchen can be a big undertaking, but if you’re willing to invest in some structural changes, it can make the space feel much more open and intuitive than it did previously. Knocking down walls can be a great way to improve flow, and ceilings can be transformed into something stunning, like exposed beams.

The materials and finishes you choose are important for functionality and aesthetics. Colour is one of the biggest decisions, as dark colours can visually shrink a room, while pale colours can expand it. You can also opt for textured finishes on the walls and cabinets to add visual interest to the kitchen.


The kitchen renovation involves several contractors, including painters, plumbers, and electricians. Hiring a general contractor with experience in the type of work your project requires is important.

A GC will also manage subcontractors and schedule them in an order that allows all work to be completed in a timely manner. The GC will also ensure all necessary permits are obtained from the city or county.

The GC will also handle any issues that arise during the renovation, such as unforeseen complications with the construction or changes in your design. This will relieve the homeowner of any liability and stress that could otherwise be their responsibility. For example, suppose an electrician works in your home and accidentally cuts through a power line or electrocutes themselves. In that case, the contractor will cover any expenses you would have had to pay for if you handled the project yourself. They will also carry worker’s compensation insurance in case someone is injured on the job.

Microwaves – Essential Kitchen Appliances

Microwaves may be small appliances compared to a refrigerator, oven, washer or dryer, but they are essential to every kitchen. They can reheat and cook foods in minutes, making them an invaluable tool at home.

Microwaves are an Essential Kitchen Appliance

Whether you need to reheat leftovers, defrost food, or cook a quick meal from scratch, a microwave oven is a must-have kitchen appliance. Microwaves are convenient and easy to use, and they save you time and money by speeding up cooking times. They are also energy efficient and easy to clean.

Some of today’s models come with features that make them more convenient, such as automatic defrost settings and preset options. Others have sensors that monitor cook time and alert you when food is ready. These features can make your life easier in the kitchen and improve the quality of your meals.

Microwaves come under the list of best kitchen appliances and are available in various sizes, styles and installation options. Portable units can be set on a countertop or placed on a microwave stand, while built-in models are installed directly into cabinet space for a custom look that fits your kitchen design. Some models are designed to be combined with a wall oven for a streamlined cooking setup.

They are Easy to Use

Microwaves are a convenient kitchen appliance that saves time and is easy to use. They can also make rice, bake cakes, and more. Microwaves are a great choice for families with young children or elderly who have trouble reaching higher surfaces. However, if you have small children or elderly people, placing the microwave away from their reach is important.

A common microwave placement option is to mount it to the wall. This solution looks clean and sleek but requires careful installation to prevent wall damage.

Another popular option is to install a built-in microwave. This option is more expensive than others, but it allows you to group cooking appliances and maintain a consistent look in your kitchen. It also offers many design features, including drop-down doors and drawer-style options. This solution is a great option for homeowners who are building their homes from scratch or who don’t mind undergoing some renovations.

They are Efficient

Microwaves are the most efficient way to heat leftovers or cook a frozen meal from scratch. They use less energy than conventional ovens and don’t generate much heat in the kitchen, which can help save on air conditioning costs in hot weather.

They’re also safer to use than other types of cooking, and they retain more nutrients than traditional stovetop heating. They also don’t produce carcinogenic char or dry-out foods like roasting and grilling do.

Many microwaves have premium features, including a broiler-type heating element and intuitive technology that automatically adjusts power and time to cook the food perfectly every time. Some even combine oven-like heat with microwave radiation to speed cooking, like Maytag’s Dual Crisp feature. Built-in microwaves are installed directly into pre-existing cabinet space, giving them a clean look that integrates seamlessly with your kitchen design. They also open from the front, like a wall oven, for easy access. These are often the best choices for busy families.

They are Affordable

Microwaves are an essential kitchen appliance and a household staple. Many affordable options are available, with countertop models perfect for apartments and smaller kitchens. These affordable microwaves usually feature a simple design and are good for basic heating and reheating tasks. They are also easy to install and can be moved when you move homes.

For a more luxurious look, built-in microwave ovens can be installed in pre-existing cabinetry for a custom installation that blends seamlessly with your kitchen aesthetic. They are available in various sizes; some even offer features like sensor cooking and multiple power levels.

Other popular features include child-safe locks, a turntable that can be easily removed to clean, and smart / Wi-Fi-connected models that allow you to control your microwave through your smartphone or digital assistant. Some microwaves also come with a charcoal filter to remove smoke, grease, and odours from your home. You can find great deals on microwaves around the holidays and at the end of the year.

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