Is Granite Suitable for Your Home?

Your home will need upgrades from time to time and one of the ways that you can add an elegant look in both your kitchen and bathroom areas is by incorporating the use of granite. You may have old, worn-out laminate that has worked well over the years, but with the new designs in kitchens and baths you might consider making some changes that create a more inviting interior design and make the areas in which you prepare food and bathe more enjoyable and practical. Granite will serve your needs well; it's durable, comes in many colours, and has finishes that accommodate any decor that you have in your home. Let's examine some ways that you can tell if granite is indeed suitable for your home.

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  1. Granite worktops provide you with a sanitary place to prepare your food as you cook each day. The surface can feature a glossy, matte, or rough finish for your rustic kitchen. Do you have spills in your kitchen that tend to stain your worktops? After you seal granite it will cause any liquid to bead up; this keeps the porous surface of granite from soaking up any liquid such as wine or citrus juice which cause stains very quickly.
  2. Have you always used the same old colours in your kitchen or bathroom? Granite is a gorgeous surface that has an attractive and unique appearance that will make these rooms more stylish and appealing. If your granite has a myriad of feldspar, it will give a red appearance with pink highlights.; when mica is present the colour will be brown with black veining. If you want a white or pink look for your bathroom, choose granite that has quartz deep within its structure. Colour can set the tone for your redesigned bathroom or help your kitchen to take on a more professional look, so be sure to think about the statement of style that you want to make when you are choosing the colour.
  3. If you want a more natural look that has had nothing added or nothing removed then granite is what you want for your worktops. You should remember that if you want a high-end look that has depth and lustre that is unmatched, granite is the natural stone that you want to choose. Check the availability, pricing, and perhaps take some small pieces into your kitchen and bathroom to see how natural lighting will impact the veining and colours held deep within the granite itself. The 3D look that granite furnishes your room with will be hard to match with some of the other products available on the market today.

So take your time, choose colours and finishes that match your decor, and shop for the best pricing that you can find that allows you to upgrade your home with a lovely piece of the earth's artwork.

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