Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover

living-roomGiving your living room a total makeover can be expensive. That is, if you decide to purchase new furniture and furnishing. However, you can also give your living room a different look by simply rearranging things and reusing what you already have. Below are three easy ways that you can give your living room a total makeover. They’re inexpensive, so you get to save money and, at the same time, enjoy the same benefits of a new living room.

Change the Color Scheme

If you want the room to have a new look, then simply change the old color scheme. Say for example you want to achieve a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and your white and blue living room isn’t providing that mood, then choose warm colors such as brown, cream, and off-white. The color scheme will make the room appear warmer and cozier.

Of note though; you have to take care that the room doesn’t appear too dark. Brown and cream color scheme tends to make a room appear darker, but you can balance the mood out by repainting your old furniture such as coffee table with a lighter shade. Instead of using dark curtains, use lighter ones instead. This will allow more light to pass through without sacrificing the coziness of the room.

Create an Accent Wall

Two-toned rooms can be a bit drab, but you can create an accent wall to make it more interesting. For example, the color scheme of the living room is light beige and cream, then you can simply repaint one side of the room with red paint. Red paint not only catches attention, but it also adds contrast to an otherwise boring space.

One tip though if you’re going to create an accent wall. Red is such a strong color, so you need to choose the focal point of the room wisely. For example, you have huge windows that open up to your beautiful garden, then paint that wall red. It “centralizes,” so to speak, the focal point, giving the room some sort of consistency. If you have a fireplace with interesting architectural details, then use that wall. Again, this highlights the fireplace area, giving the room only one focal point.

Accessorize Bare Walls

Hanging wall decors can be risky. Too much, and the room will look gaudy. Too little, and the room will look boring. However, you can achieve the right balance by placing the wall decors just right.

Don’t hang your framed pictures too high on the wall. The space below them will look incomplete. Instead, hang them low. For example, hang wall paintings closer to the sofa; this gives continuity to the design.

You can also group similar designs for more impact. For example, grouped abstract paintings hanging near a contemporary-looking fireplace provides a connection between two different objects. Again, this will give continuity to the overall design of the room.

You can easily make your living room look brand new by simply changing the color scheme, creating an accent wall, or simply rearranging the wall decors. They are inexpensive but will make your living room look more alive and newer.

If you’re having a hard time, you can simply consult with your local interior designer. They always have good ideas perfect for your living room.

Jennifer Dahlgren writes for several home improvement blogs. She also writes for, an interior designer.

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