In the Middle of a Mad Mess? Tips for De-Cluttering Your Basement

The basement is an important part of our homes but we’ve become so used to it that it is often left unchecked and neglected. We mindlessly dump broken things, outdated appliances, used electrical component and other stuff into our basement. We just carelessly leave things in there, forget all about them as we clean up the rest of the house and go on with our lives.

When we actually experience how difficult it is to find what we need, we know we are face the inevitable as a result of neglect. It's when we need something from the basement that we come to realize we’ve got to do something about this part of our home!

More often than not, however, sifting through basement clutter can be very taxing. This task also tends to eat up a considerable part of our day! Aside from fighting the dust and mold, we also find ourselves fighting to rein in our frustration, and sneezing while at it! These should be your hint: it’s time to clean out the basement and keep it organized!

Here are the steps to make that happen:

1. First of all, you need to decide which things must go and which items must be stored. Unusable items may either be thrown away or sold. You can sell used electrical equipment or outdated appliances to businesses that buy and sell used parts. There are also people and businesses that specialize on restoring old things, so you can pay them a visit if you need something reconstructed or repaired to look new. If have old stuff that are beyond restoration, you can go to guys that tear them apart to take out the usable parts.

2. Before storing your things, make sure that you thoroughly clean your basement. Don’t just sweep the floor and put away the dust. In addition, look out for water leaks that might have seeped into the floor, the walls and the ceiling. Fix broken pipes or tiles and make sure that you install necessary alarms. Installed alarms should be checked regularly if they are still working properly. You hardly visit your basement, so ensure that it is safe and sound. After all, it is the section of the home where the foundation of your entire structure rests.

3. As you check everything that you have in your basement, there will be some pieces that you believe should be kept. This part of the task can be very tricky, as you may realize some things aren't worth holding on to. When you're about sure that they are, see to it that they are stored properly. Make sure to clean the items before storing them as well, so they don't deteriorate easily and are kept clean. Also, invest in good storage boxes or organizers. The dust and dampness in the basement could ruin the items you may have put in there for safekeeping.

4. Another crucial step is to organize your things according to your needs. Doing this allows you to save precious time when you need something from your pile. There is no exact way to organize electrical and other items in the basement, but do what you must keep it orderly. This is a good way to ensure an easy search should the need for your things arise. Many people find it sensible to arrange the items in the basement based on the frequency of their need for them. If you are currently renovation your kitchen, for instance, make sure that your carpentry- and masonry-related tools are placed in a very accessible storage area in the basement.

There you have it! Those are some of the things that you can do to clean and de-clutter your basement. Now, get up and pay your basement a visit. Give your basement a makeover and do what it takes to keep it that way!

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