Ideas for Decorating and Empty Wall

wall decorationNo wall looks great empty, if it's not equipped with a door or window all you have is a bare and lonely piece of structure just going to waste. If you are sick of your house looking stark and boring things can easily be spiced up with creative wall art. Even simple photographs will suffice but for a contemporary touch add some innovation to your walls to result in a brilliant final decor.


  • Tiled Artwork

You can simply place up colorful tiles on the walls for decor, even a simple line or square would do while you can also create a tiled look using pictures. Any photograph or suitable picture according to the theme and color scheme of your home can be broken in to sections and arranged in order on the wall to create the picture but with slight spaced in between section to give a mosaic touch. Split canvas prints are the modern touch to this can be easily created and ordered online.

Pieces from Nature

  • Pieces from Nature

Bring a bit of nature indoors is always a great idea to add comfort and cosiness in a home. For an empty corner a tall plant can always work to cover up the walls while plants such as the money plant grow very tall and reach the ceiling. Butterfly prints or fossils always look gorgeous up on the wall and varieties of butterfly prints can be grouped together in monochromatic frames to add color and print. Flowers can even be dried up and framed, especially if you can get unique ones from around the world! Landscape canvas prints are another great idea to put up for a great view of nature from indoors.

Display Shelves

  • Display Shelves

Shelves are a great way to add decoration pieces such as crystal or any item you want to show off even if you have limited space. Shelves on their own can even be a cause of decor if they are in contrasting colors from the wall or are in a unique shape such as waves, circular pattern or are grouped in a staggered fashion. Shelves of different materials also add beauty since glass may look luxurious and even more modern when combined with wood. If you are into books you can always put up a book shelf for decor with a lot of interesting reads to simply view, couple these up with candles and vases etc. Shelves are perfect for any room and can hold any decorative items from antique china to framed photos or souvenirs etc.

Wall decoration is the most important part of home decor. You need to be very careful with choosing right things for the wall. Make sure that things you buy for the wall should match your interior and the purpose of the room. You cannot hang an elegant wall canvas picture in the kitchen thus be very precise with choosing the right thing for the right room. It's not an easy task to choose accessories for the wall so you can take advice from different sources and experts so that you don’t end up wasting your money and time. There are many things to add to the wall decoration which includes painting, frames and other similar accessories. Following are few things that are most important when decorating your wall.

Wall Canvas

  • Wall Canvas

Wall canvas is a very important accessory for the wall. You can choose it according to the room like for living room you should add a canvas which doesn’t only suits your wall but should be liked by everyone in the house equally. For a bedroom which is more of a personal place you should select the art which suits the personality of the person using that room. Printing photos to canvas can be used in every room and for lounges and halls you can add a big canvas print.

Shelves and Ledges

  • Shelves and Ledges

Shelves and ledges come in different shapes and sizes so depending on the room size and use you can add shelves with small decorative pieces on it. Add a single shelf or multiple staggered ones; it's completely up to you.

Wall Decal

  • Wall Decals

Wall decals are modern type of wall décor also known as wall stickers and these come in different shapes and styles such as abstract art or a tree along with birds or simply flowers. These wall decals can be added to living rooms or bedroom walls especially in rooms for children.

Clocks wall

  • Clocks

Clocks are an old accessory for wall decor. Clocks now come in different shapes and technologies depending on your choice. Digital or analogue clocks can be kept in all the rooms in the house.

Picture Frames

  • Picture Frames and Wall Plaques

Bedrooms and living rooms have mostly photo frames on the wall. Family photos or your timeline photos can be kept in different shaped frames. There are many frames which can be having many pictures. Digital photo frames are also available in the market which can have multiple pictures which change with time. Wall plaques are a bit expensive but with some extra budget you can make your wall look wonderful.

Wall décor needs placement of right thing at the right place. So whenever you buy accessory for the house make sure you place it at the accurate place on the wall.

The author, Serven Wilson, is a professional artist working for a canvas printing company in the UK. He also writes on artwork for interior decor.

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