How to Take Care of your Pool Table?

Playing pool is an enjoyable game and cleaning it cannot be overlooked. Remember when you take a good care of your stuff, their functionality is protracted. This means you have more time to enjoy it. It benefits the commercial pool table operators as well as recreational pool players and owners. Therefore, the secret behind the long-lasting pool table lies in its maintenance and repair.


How to keep your pool table clean?

Step 1:

Take away all the balls from the pool table. Check for the pockets if there are any spare balls and take them out so that they don't interfere in the way of cleaning your pool table

Step 2:

Use a clean damp cloth while you wipe your billiard balls before you place them back on the box or the container. Also it is important that you do not drop them on the ground as you of course do not want to play with cracked balls

Step 3:

The hanging lamp on the pool table should be always clean with a damp cloth. Make sure that all the accumulated dirt and dust is cleaned. However, remember to clean the hanging lamp first as dust will inevitably fall on the table

Step 4:

The dust on the railing and the table surface can be wiped off using a brush. However, this activity should be carefully done as not to damage the pool table surface. To protect the surface from dirt, you can have a pool cover customized for your billiard table to cover it while not in use. Remember not to use a vacuum as it can damage the surface of the table

Step 5:

Of course you cannot leave the favorite place of dirt and dust- the pocket holes. You can use a damp cloth while cleaning the pockets of the pool table. Post this you can wipe out the wooden part of your pool table. You may use a mild wood furniture cleaner to it a new shining look.

Proper brushing of your table is the most important part of caring for your pool table. Make it a point to brush the table from the nameplate end and do not forget to brush under the cushion overhang. Using a circular or a scrubbing motion will inevitably affect the table's playability and may also increase the piling.

Sunlight contains UV radiation that highly accelerates aging and fading. Therefore, a basic plastic cover or a better fitted leather cover can always protect against fading, accidental spills and dust. The custom made leather cover can well match the decor of your billiard room.

It is equally important to replace the damaged cloth to enjoy the game properly. Most of the damaged cloth is due to poor play and leaving drinks and other liquids on the rails. If you properly play pool and shape your cues it will certainly alleviate the possibility to damage the pool cloth.

Although the majority of the pool table pockets is made from some types of leather, do not use leather cleaner to clean them. Using any sort of products or product cleaner can heighten the chance of unneeded substances getting migrated on the clothes and the pool balls.

There is a need for humidifier and dehumidifier to prevent deforming and cracking of pool table due to humidity and temperature changes.

Pool table maintenance is often the neglected aspect of the pool table owner. However, it is not worth the investments they do. Whether you have shelled out big bucks or scraped your savings on the pool table, every bit of it need tender and loving care to ensure that they play their best for many more years to come.

Stephen Lawther is a billiard enthusiast and an avid player. He takes interest in contributing useful articles on billiard and other games for his set of readers. While shopping around for quality equipment he takes inspirations from Black Bear Billiards.

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