How to Organize Your Kitchen Essentials

When someone moves into a new home, the first thing that comes to mind is to organize the kitchen. There are lots of things that need to be kept in a perfect order so that a kitchen looks at its best. It implies keeping the kitchen essentials like utensils, storage units, appliances, as well as foods and other items in a proper place. When you decide where to place the refrigerator, the storage cabinets; where to set the sink; where to keep silverwares; this seems one of the challenging tasks. Simultaneously, it is important to think about the space to ensure efficiency and comfort. Let us find out some ideas to organize your kitchen essentials and make it easily accessible.


Organizing the basic things

When it comes to organizing a kitchen, the silverware is something that receives the first attention. It is better to put silver wares in the upper smaller drawer near the dishwasher. If there is no dishwasher in your kitchen, you can keep them near the sink. This is all about making your clean up easy and putting things away.

If your kitchen is an island, then you should keep your silverware drawer in the island so that you can keep your silver utensils away from the main sink and the dishwasher.

If yours is an existing kitchen, you can get a silverware organizer. An organizer with closed drawers inside it looks and feels good when you open it for your kitchen operations. The most frustrating thing about an unorganized kitchen is that you will waste your time searching for a specific item.

When it comes to a small drawer, it is best to put it to the right of the sink. For instance, if the drawer is placed to the left of the dishwasher in an existing kitchen, it is better not to use it to keep silverware. This is because you will find it difficult while the dishwasher is open. Here, you can consider changing the place and keep it to the right of the sink even if it is a little bit afar.

Organizing everyday utensils

If you have got two storage units for regular dishes and glass, consider placing one cabinet close to the dishwasher. However, do not try to put one in the way of the dishwasher where the door swings. For instance, if your dishwasher is to the right your sink, place your everyday dishes and glasses to the left of the dishwasher or the sink.

If there is no enough space on your walls to place the wall cabinets, you can consider using a pantry cabinet to keep your dishes. Instead of this, a tall furniture style cabinet can be a good option for dishes and glasses. Get it and put it on the wall. Though it cannot be placed in a proper order in the middle of the kitchen triangle, it looks nice.

On the other hand, drawer inserts are a great choice for kitchens that lack space on the wall cabinets. This type of dish storage unit's helps you pick a whole stack of dishes at one goes to prepare your table.

There is one more option for you. You can use the cabinet door to keep your plates and glasses for easy access.

Organizing oversized bowls, wines and cookbooks

If there is a cabinet above the refrigerator in your kitchen, you can consider removing the door and attaching an extra rack or shelf for cook books. Use it for cool looking bowls as well. This way, the dead space can turn into a useful space for keeping things.

Organizing everyday utensils, knives and spices

A wall rail system can be a great option to organize spices, silverware and so on. There are several options out on the market—spice drawer insert, a silverware rack, and a pot rack makes good organizers that are designed to be fitted in any kind of existing kitchen cabinets of different sizes. Use island or baker's racks to keep small appliances, salad bowls, and large pots.

A drawer organizer is best for storing standard size spices. You can find out many adjustable drawer organizers for various size drawers.

If you do not want the space of your drawer organizer to be wasted for knives, a magnetic knife bar is a good choice. The best thing about this knife bar is that it can be mounted on the wall, allowing you to have an easy-access. Whereas plastic knives are concerned, you can put them on your dining table or in the drawer organizer for easy access to chop off lettuce for a salad or spreading butter over a slice of bread.

Organizing dry things and food

It does not look good if foods are scattered everywhere in your empty cabinets. If there is a pantry in your kitchen, keep all your food there. This will make your space look more organized.

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