Home Security Technological Advances

Security systems for the home are readily available in the marketplace, but many of them have inherent weaknesses that make them less than ideal. However, technology has continued to evolve, and a lot of security service providers have kept up to date with the advances in the field. These improvements include some great technological innovations designed to keep your family and home safer than ever before.

Currently, there are plenty of home security possibilities to choose from if you are in the market for a system. This includes CCTV cameras, advanced fire sensors, and many more that have been designed for greater security and peace of mind. Many of the newer features make use of SMART technology that can be managed from anywhere around the world, enabling you to take an extended holiday without being concerned about what is happening at home.

Almost half of all millennials utilise SMART security systems for their homes and properties by having at least one SMART product. Additionally, 90% of people who use SMART technology have said that they would recommend the use of this technology to others.

While these facts may make you eager to rush to the phone and order a SMART security system, it is important to know more about the options. This will enable you to make the right choice for yourself and your family. We take a look at these technological advances.

Intelligent Sensors

The majority of security systems for the home or office use motion detectors. This is especially true when the surveillance system you are using is integrated to address all your security needs. It is also possible to get non-visual sensors by utilising sensors designed to detect sound, for example. As well as sensor-based microphones, there are also advanced detectors for breaks in glass and radar.

Radar has become almost a necessity for high-tech applications of security provided by home security companies. Radar sensors detect motion using electromagnetic technologies. The application of electromagnetic forces instead of infrared in conventional motion sensors has become a new addition to the toolkit.

Smart Audio Sensors

SMART surveillance systems have been developed with a combination of video and audio sensors to increase security measures. Advances have occurred in CCTV cameras, such as audio sensing features and integrated microphones, making the most of new technologies and adaptations of existing knowledge of the capabilities of security solutions.

Sounds such as gunshots, breaking glass, and loud noises can be detected through the inclusion of specific algorithms and are linked to camera-microphone surveillance options. The triggering of an alarm by these systems activates a video recording and relays a message to the central monitoring room. When a life-threatening incident is in progress, SMART audio sensors in surveillance equipment can send an alert to security employees to attend the scene and take other action, such as alerting the police.

Smart Body Heat Detectors

SMART detectors for body heat can pick up when people are moving around and activate the alarm signal to the central control room. Because of their specific SMART technology, putting a blanket over the body, moving extra slowly, or crawling will not deter the heat detectors from identifying a human body. SMART body heat detectors can differentiate between small animals, like your pets, and human bodies. They can be employed outside as well as inside a home and they function regardless of the type of weather being experienced.

Advanced Mobile Integration

Mobile integration, i.e., integration of the surveillance system with your SMART phone, is being widely used by homeowners. This integration enables you to utilise far more features of SMART home security than can be done without it. It allows you to make use of remote monitoring with only your mobile phone. This can be enhanced with applications like panic buttons and the triggering of alarms.

High-Resolution Videos

CCTV cameras such as available from home and office security systems, fire safety systems, and data network services providers like Lucid Fire & Security Ltd have been improved by advanced technology. With higher resolution videos, you obtain sharper images and greater clarity. Since the advent of digital videos in the home arena, resolution has increased greatly from 480p to 1080p. In some instances, resolutions of 4k Ultra HD footage can be obtained. This boosts their functionality with better storage, analytics of audio and video, and remote monitoring to provide an enhanced service.

High-Powered Infrared LED

Night vision on security cameras is insufficient to ensure high-quality footage. Good footage enables criminals to be identified more readily. When security cameras make use of high-powered infrared LED, the quality of the footage is improved considerably, more so when it is dark outside. In addition to this benefit, images are sent to the owner’s mobile phone from the security camera.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Predictive analytics and machine learning have brought about multiple improvements to how home security systems work. Advantage is being taken of the capabilities of machine-learning algorithms so that systems become more competent and precise. Some of the available features are the prevention of false alarms, tracking of suspects, incident prediction, and behavioural prediction. Predictive analytics and machine learning are increasingly being used for security needs and, as technology in this area advances, systems are becoming more and more accurate.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be installed on the doors of your choice. Using your mobile phone with WIFI or Bluetooth, you can check your locks, and open or close them remotely. If your mother arrives to visit when you are not at home, you can unlock the doors for her to get inside and wait for your return or give her a temporary password. At night, you can lock all the doors from the comfort of your bed. All this can be done by simply instructing Google Assistant.

Once you have clarity on which features of a security system are practical and suitable for you, and what you can afford, it is possible to contact a local security system service provider to have a system adapted to your needs.

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