Furniture Placement Ideas for a No Cost Living Room Remodel

Furniture PlacementIt is important to take your time and make a plan when you arrange the furniture in your living room. Your arrangement can help you create a more comfortable, welcoming environment, and it will set the mood and tone for your living room. In the first place, before you start moving anything around, take some paper to create rough sketches. This will boost your mind’s creative juices flowing and it can save you from doing unnecessary lifting or moving.

1. Planning:
The first step is to consider how you intend to your living room. That said, do you plan to primary play video games, sit in front of the fireplace or watch TV after a workday? Do you use the living room for hosting your guests? If the answer to the first question is yes-you’ll probably want to create a space where the fireplace or the TV screen acts as the focal point of the room. Place your sofas across from the focal point and angle all other pieces to face the same direction.

2. Classic symmetry:
If you plan to use the living room for conversations or receiving guests, consider using the face-to-face stance. In this case, the sofa and chairs sit directly across from one another. Otherwise you have to adjust conference lecterns in front of them or in the corner of the wall. In addition, positioning the sofa, chairs and lecterns in this fashion facilitates conversation as no one has a direct sight of the focal point. This remodel certainly can be useful when the room is primarily used for studying, reading, conference or working on a laptop.

3. Highlight the fireplace:
Adding the fireplace in the living room is a very interesting thing as it gives an element of beauty in it. To maintain such beauty without any disturbance while the fireplace is turned on, do not move sensitive furniture too close to the fireplace.

4. Group items together:
Grouping is key. Keep like items together. Items that go together should be placed together for the sake of uniformity. This will definitely add to the content feel of the room. Avoid putting too many large pieces of furniture along walls. Large pieces of furniture look less cluttered if evenly placed around the room. Everything will be more balanced. Additionally, artwork should be placed at eye level. For example, if you are hanging multiple pieces in a grouping, make sure to put the largest piece on the bottom left as our eyes naturally go to that first.

5. Spread furniture evenly:
It is important to spread the various types of furniture in the living room evenly so that it appears comfortable and cozy. Placing furniture in one single corner may appear inappropriate and asymmetric. In this case you can opt for either formal look or feng shui look. The formal look creates the feel of a stately sitting room. To achieve this look arrange the furniture in a squared off formation with all the furniture at 90 degree angles to each other. Additionally, do not forget to leave plenty of space between each piece. On the other side, if you want to create a warm and comfortable look, you can opt for the feng shui look. To achieve this style simply arrange all of the furniture in a circular pattern and place seating pieces close to each other.

6. Make some space:
If an arrangement simply is not working for you, you may need to clear out some space. That said; try removing at least one piece of furniture into a different room. Do not be afraid to empty some space. This way you can achieve more resting place for everyone-for their drink, book or a plate of food. At the end of the day, if you need a new piece to make your furniture look complete, leave that space empty for a while.

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