Floor and Wall Tile Trends for Summer 2021

With the soon approaching summer, it is time to refresh and revamp your home with the beautiful and trendy summer tiles. Summer is the season of bright colours and changing the floor and wall tiles helps in providing a whole fresh environment all around. Incorporating the tiles that are heat and water resistant will not only serve the purpose of providing freshness, but will also add as decorative elements. Tiles are the only kind of flooring that are available in innumerable shades, sizes and arrangements and are easily adaptable for any interior or exterior environment. So, you won’t have to be heavy on your pockets if you want to change the look of your indoor or outdoor areas this summer; as tiles are quite budget friendly as well. Here is a list of summer tile trend that will guide you to completely transform your space.

Neutral Hues

Neutral summery hues like cream, light brown, mint greens and sea blue instantly are eye-catching and give soothing effect to the eyes. Apart from having a calming effect, these tiles also make your place bigger due to their lighter shades. These muted colours are perfect for any wall of floor and it can be used in any of your indoor/outdoor areas.

Rustic Look

If you are ready indulge in the earthier feeling and is a fan of mother nature, then nothing like calm rustic tiles for your home. Rustic exterior tiles will always add a unique touch to your space. Incorporating the Soothing vibe of rust brown colour to patio area or Parking tiles will certainly give a soothing look to your space beautifully.

Shades of Gray

Well if you are person of minimalistic colors, then nothing like gray. Matte finish and rustic finish gray tiles are perfect for any multifunctional space as well as for high footfall areas like parking. Shades of gray when used in a structured way, creates a seamless and elegant flow throughout the interior and exterior of your house.

Wooden Look

Wooden looking tiles are one way to replace the extremely expensive wooden tiles that too in the same look and half the price. Wooden tiles provide a classy look that no other tiles can to your patio decks or your vacation homes. These tiles are as durable and sturdy as they are beautiful.

Here is another tip. Opt for additional patterns this summer going with these colour codes. These patterns will not only give a quick distinctive look but will also add the artistic value to the area the tiles are applied to.

Geometrical patterns

Geometrical pattern when used in neutral colour tiles add a classy outline and create an understated fashion. These wall and floor tiles bring an excitement to your space. Kitchen and Patio areas are the hotspots for these tiles. The only key is to find the right pattern and colour that will go with the overall style of the project.

Floral and Fruit patterns

Want to feel the Hawaiian look at your own home. Go for the refreshing and vibrant floral and fruit design tiles. Such tiles radiate positive energy wherever they are installed. So, bloom your area with the perfect floral pastel-coloured tiles. And bring the summer sunshine to your interiors.

Textured patterns

Textured tiles help in adding variation and depth to the surface they are applied to. Though they require little more maintenance than the other tiles, but their look is unmatchable. They are available in variety of colours and patterns appropriately adding sophistication to your space. Thus, making a great option for Exterior tiles.


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