Different Advantages of Oak Flooring

oak-flooringAre you renovating your house? Or, are you building one? If you are building a house, you must have thought of everything. However the flooring is also of important. Most house owners do not think of the flooring when they plan to renovate the house. Whether you are installing the flooring in one room or to the entire house, you can install wood for warm and comfortable feeling. Wood is looks attractive as well.

This is a versatile choice. This blends with every type of decoration. Wood is durable. Such type of flooring is resistance to breakage or tear. Carpeting can be a great of way of protecting floor. However, carpet catches dust and dirt. For this reason you can replace carpet with wood as this material does not cause allergic reaction and also wood is resistant to dust.

More than often, people opt for oak. This timber is famous for its beauty and shine. And who does not want a shinny floor that dazzles the eyes of the beholders? Oak flooring comes in different shapes and appearances. House owners leans towards the rustic look rather than traditional one. A rugged flooring with warn colour can give you a sense of being in a cabin near wilderness.

Normal floorings lose the vitality and beauty with time. It is a natural course. Yet, like rich wine, oak becomes even better as it gets old. The colour of the timber deepens and thus the flooring shines with vigor.


It is important to remember that this flooring does not come cheap. To get good quality oak, you need to have high budget. However, if you install oak flooring, the cost of your house will automatically rise. This is one of the benefits of the flooring. You can take it as a profitable investment process. Oak provides a sense of sophistication and this is a quality that every home owner seeks.


Hardly you will hear any quote about durability of wood. Yet, this material lasts for a long time. You will not have to replace the flooring every now and then. In addition, wood resists assault of time and shines with vigor as time passes. However, even the strongest mountain of the world has some rifts. Wood is not without its share of vulnerability. This material can be exposed to risk of retaining scratches and other marks. If you have pet, the flooring will be exposed to scratches even more. You need to think of a proper solution to prevent the bruising.

Shock absorbing

Despite the vulnerability of oak, you need to consider the other benefits that this material possesses. Wood consumes noise and is resistant to shock. Oak boards are also resistant to spitting. This is fungus resistant as well.

Style and designs

As a home owner you will focus on the style and design as well. This is only natural. Of course you should select the flooring for durability and other qualities, yet if the materials do not look good, the appearance of the house will suffer greatly. Oak comes in different style and colours. You will be able to choose from the styles and patterns that are available. Suiting the decoration of your house, you will be able to pick up the style and pattern.

Staining and spilling

Flooring suffers from staining. People spill drinks and food on the floor and this puts a dent to the beauty of the flooring. With wood flooring such damages can be repaired. Wood can be coloured without any trouble. Therefore, coating the wood and concealing the damage will not be a big problem.


If you have a busy schedule, you will surely have problem in indulging in cleaning and other maintenance related jobs. Wood does not need daily cleaning or scrubbing. A weekly cleaning session will be sufficient to maintain the appearance of the flooring.

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