Creative Carpet Designs

eggs-rugDo you want to make your place more interesting and add an unique item to your interior design? Have you every thought of getting a customised carpet? Do you want to see a few creative rug designs, which will always impress your visitors and will add some kind of a personality to your house? Well, don’t stop scrolling and reading then.

Salami Rug

salami rugThe Salami Carpets are created in a few different designs by the German studio Flachbild. They are made of wool and are very warm and soft. They can’t be used in elegant homes, though, because they won’t fit the style. You can put them in your kitchen, though, or in your living room, if your home has a crazy or casual design with a strong personality. Vegetarians probably won’t like it, although it was invented because of them.

Fake Wood Carpet

wood-carpetThe Fake Wood Carpet is perfect for people who want to feel the softness of a rug under their feet and to have the style that wood brings in. These carpets are very elegant and stylish and will fit wonderfully in a place with a rustic design.

Imperial Puzzle Rug

puzzle rugThis is a synthetic rug which combines different puzzle pieces with different colour. When they are combined they form an area carpet with unique form and design. It will make even the most boring place interesting and stylish. It is warm and isolates the feet well, although it is synthetic. Moreover, it is easy for maintenance and doesn’t require much cares.

Lasa Carpet

red lasa carpetThe Lasa carpet is made of merino wool and is very soft and warm. It has an unique design created by JAB Anstoetz. The fibres of this rug are somehow woven to look like small tubes. They are placed on a solid base, and to be honest, this flooring looks like a coral reef to me. The Lasa carpet is available in five different colours.

Shoelaces Rug

shoelaces-rugWell, this is kind of confusing, and some people will surely disagree that this is a real carpet, but other will definitely like the idea. It is very innovative and easy-to-be done. These rugs were originally created by famous designers, whose names I don’t remember, but you can make your own at home. All you need is a lot of shoelaces and patience to tie them together. You can use whatever colours you want and make your rug as big as you want. I don’t know how you’re going to maintain this flooring, though.

Hopscotch Carpet

Hopscotch-RugHopscotch is probably one of the most popular outdoor games from our childhoods. Well, it is not necessary to play it outdoors only. Now you can bring the fun at home with the Hopscotch carpet. Put one in your children’s room and let them have fun. Mind that, if you are living in a block of flats, the neighbours who live under your place won’t be happy at all that you posses such an item.

These types of carpets are interesting, aren’t they? They all have something in common, though. They are made of fabrics and need regular maintenance. Not only this, but you have to use professional carpet cleaning for them from time to time. Otherwise, they won’t preserve their good looks and will wear out really fast. It is also very important not to walk with your shoes on them, so not to bring dirt and sand from outside on them. Be very careful how you use your carpets, because they are soft and vulnerable to damages and discolourations.

You shouldn’t be afraid of using expensive and stylish rugs, though. Be brave and pick the carpet design you like the most.

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