A Checklist of Floor Cleaning Machines and Tools for the Upcoming Summer

Early modernist interior in the European countries and America followed a minimalist trend. The walls were plain, floors were bare, and surfaces were uncovered. There were many people who considered this environment as a vigorous one. But scientific findings were not satisfied with this setup.

Renowned architect Le Corbusier once said that our home is “a machine for living”.

A machine can never give you happiness. Holding the hand of science, the concept of architect began to change, and now, we all know that a clean and organized home helps us live a peaceful life. Home has become more than a machine of living, rather, it’s our nest of peace.

A study has established that people living in clean houses are healthier and happier than the people living in messy houses. In today’s world, being happy is perhaps the greatest challenge to the human race. So, we should not miss even a trivial scope to find happiness. Summer is all set to knock our door in the few days. Don’t you think a thorough cleaning program will help you start the season fresh? This is the right time to try the words of the psychiatrists to boost our energy and mind for this coming summer. Let’s go for a cleaning program to refresh the mind.

You should start with the floor. I’ve listed some essential floor cleaning machines including vacuum cleaner, cannisters, carpet machine and many other tools that can help you stay clean not only in the summer but throughout the entire year.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A perfect vacuum cleaner can make the daunting task of cleaning quite easy. Upright vacuums are easy to use and effective in cleaning your floor effectively. It will provide you deep cleaning. You can clean each corner of your house without much physical hassle. Upright floor machine features a dust bag cleaning system.


2. Carpet Machine

We all love to cover our floor with a gorgeous carpet. But, carpet gets easily dirty and cleaning carpet is a scary task for most of the people. With right kind of carpet machine, you can clean your carpet easily. We party a lot throughout the spring including the Easter celebration. Naturally, the carpet will get too dirty to handle. Nowadays, a wide range of carpet machines is available in the market in different designs. Pick the one that you think will make your task easy and get your favorite carpet back in its beautiful form.

3. Canister

Canisters assure you a deep cleaning. Eureka Sanitaire Commercial Compact Canister and Mercury Storm 20 Gal Wet Dry Vac are two top-rated products that are ruling the market this year. Eureka is best for the hard surfaces. Mercury, on the other hand, has 20-gallon tank capacity.

Eureka Sanitaire Commercial Compact Canister

4. Carpet Magnets

Carpet magnet is very effective to clean carpets in a short time. You can use carpet magnet to pick up metal objects before getting them swept up into the vacuum. It can cause harm to your carpet. Carpet magnets are available in different length. Choose the length as per your requirement. In most of the cases, 12 and 16-inch carpet magnets are preferable.

Other Things You may Need for Floor Cleaning

In order to clean your floor, you will need some other accessories as well. Let’s have a quick look at these products:

  • Disinfectant

Disinfectants come first in this list. In order to clean the dirt from the core, you should use a reliable disinfectant like One Step Disinfectant and Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant which can be used on the floor and all washable surfaces.

  • Paper Towel

Paper towel has a great contribution in the overall cleaning activity. You can remove stains from carpets with the help of the paper towels. You can buy multi-fold or single-fold paper towels as per your requirements.

paper towel

A Final Takeaway

You don’t need to buy a lot of things to get a clean and hygienic floor. Only a few effective floor cleaning machines and tools can give you a shining and hygienic floor. Floor cleaning is really important for those families that have kids in their house. Kids play here and there on the floor and they can get easily affected by dirt and dust. In the summer, you can’t stop them from playing on the floor. So, don’t stop them, rather say goodbye to dirt. A clean floor will have a good impact on your mood as well. So, this weekend, give few hours to your home and clean the floor thoroughly to set the mood for the upcoming days.

If you have any questions, please ask below!