10 Best Ways For Styling a Studio Apartment

Your dream space can be small but your heart does not have to be while styling it. From picking the right background colors to deciding the most eye-catching centerpieces, we have got you covered.

In this article, we have shared our very own personal tips for styling a small space and converting it into an awesome studio apartment.

Styling a studio apartment can be a bit hectic task and the space you will be designing is going to be your workplace so you need to get everything perfect, right, and on point, even the tiny detailing of the space.

So let’s get started and check out the 10 best ways of how you can style your studio apartment.

10 Best Ways For Styling a Studio Apartment

1. Minimalism is the way to go

Using pastels and or neutral colour palettes with minimal-looking furniture adds a tasteful yet spacious element to your space which also gives an illusion of having a larger area. Adding a sleek ladder for decor gives a more elongated look to the space.

2. Convertible Sofa

A sofa cum bed is a perfect option for a constricted place like a studio apartment, not only is it functional i.e. it saves space as well as serves the dual purpose of seating during the day and cozy bedding by night, but it also is the central piece in singular blue color or some other attractive color which stands out amongst the otherwise neutral-beige hues the walls and the wooden floorings carry.

3. Room Divider for Privacy

A divider is a great alternative when you can’t install a permanent structure in an already small space. It gives you privacy to carry out your private tasks.

Hiring a good interior designer can be a pretty good option for you if you are planning to create a permanent space, that you will be using for a long period of time, they can help you maximize the available space to its full potential.

4. Use Curtains around the bed

Curtains around the bed add a beautiful touch to the apartment while also giving it the element of privacy, again without having to install any extra doors. Also, it leaves ample room for light to come through the room.

5. Install Multipurpose furniture

Install furniture that has more than one use. It saves space while serving multiple functions at once. It’s a great way of utilizing all the space available to you. Make sure you pick furniture that doesn’t cover a major part of the available area.

6. Utilise Every Corner

Install racks on the walls to utilize the free space, these racks are not only useful but also look chic. Add books to these or fake planters to add a decorative streak to the space.
Additionally, use an ottoman for seating which also doubles up the storage..

7. Add a vibrant wallpaper

Adding a wallpaper of your choice is going to personalize your space further and reflect your personality and who you truly are. A wallpaper accentuates the otherwise plain and boring walls and adds a personality to the entire space.

8. Go double duty on your wardrobe

Install a convertible wardrobe for storing clothes which also doubles up as an ironing platform or a work/study table thus saving a ton of space and providing utility.

9. Adding Rugs

The rug creates a line of division thus separating the compact kitchen area and the living space to create an illusion of a dedicated space for the kitchen. Rugs can also be a great way to make the apartment look more luxurious and welcoming.

10. Utilizing Vertical Space

Using the available vertical space can be a very smart way to make the most out of the available space. You can install hooks, shelves, etc. to hang and store your stuff like files, books, plants, and all the other stuff.

Styling a studio apartment, a bedroom, a living room, or anything else on your own is not at all an easy task. You have to get everything right and perfect, using the available space to its full potential and making the space more comfortable and functional for you to work.

Considering the above points you can take inspiration for your own studio apartment and get started designing!

If you have any questions, please ask below!