10 Astonishing White Marble Arrivals In The UK For Kitchen Worktops In Spring 2018

White marble has a timeless appeal to it and can bring to life any kitchen interior, be it modern, traditional or industrial. The new Spring 2018 Natural Marble Collection from MKW Surfaces in the UK features almost a dozen beautiful white marble arrivals for both residential and commercial marble kitchen worktops. Find out more about the new range of marble options in the market and what makes these materials so special.

Carrara Marble

Bianco Carrara marble has been popular since ancient Roman times and it has always had a timeless appeal to it which has helped in making this material the more famous marble stone in the world. Available in an off-white backdrop with grey veining throughout, this Italian marble forms a special patina over time which reflects the use and personality of its owners, and keeps improving in natural elegance as time goes by.

Crystal White marble

Crystal White marble is quarried in Vietnam and offers a special glassy character that illuminates the interiors in which it is displayed. The crystalline white base features ultra-soft touches of light grey, creating a richer look and feel. The natural stone receives finishing in Italy before kitchen worktop suppliers bring it to the UK, ensuring every slab is carefully selected and hand-finish by the best teams of Italian stone experts. In addition to kitchen worktops, this new arrival is also perfect for bathrooms and splashbacks. Crystal White marble is distinctive in that its crystalline structure and transparency allows for a plethora of backlit applications in bathroom panels, living room and reception desks walls and worktops that are to be illuminated from underneath. This is a porous marble and it is not recommended for applications in kitchen worktops for those who seek materials that don’t come with a risk of etching of it surfaces when exposed to acidic foods.

Arabescato Crystal

Arabescato Crystal is the ideal combination of crystalline white and grey shades to create a timeless kitchen worktop. Arabescato Crystal presents a lighter shade of white and a swirly vein combination with lighter grey veins than the patterns seen on the classic Arabescato marble, offering a more subtle surface option for those who prefer a more subtle decoration marble that is able to display the full beauty of grey veining.
The list of applications for Arabescato Crystal marble goes beyond into the bathroom and other areas in your home or commercial building. Available in slabs and tiles, this white marble is also a highly versatile option to add an exotic feel to any space.

Bianco Rhino

The beautiful and soft veining of the Bianco Rino can complement any space. It features a unique darker white accent with delicate undertones of grey and golden ochre tones. This white marble is originally quarried in Namibia, Africa featuring beige and white base with soft veining that offers unique charm and grace to any space. If you want to have a white marble worktop that offers something different from the classic white stones, Bianco Rhino offers a smooth and light aesthetic to address your needs without the opponent veining patterns of other similar marbles ensuring it remains a sophisticated option for any interior space.

Calacatta Apuano

Calacatta Apuano is a luxurious Italian white marble that is made mostly of a pure white base with strong grey linear veining. This rich marble is perfect for a kitchen worktop, featuring a unique brightness that has made it widely popular over the centuries for carving sculptures. Mined from the Apuan Alps which lends its name, this natural variation from the classic Calacatta marble, can be used for a wide range of projects including bathroom vanity tops, floor tiles, and wall claddings. It is available in an endless array of patterns which can be chosen to your personal taste and it also comes in several finishes including polished, honed and leather which makes it highly versatile for all type of projects in contemporary, period and traditional properties.

Calacatta Bettogli

Calacatta Bettogli is a unique Italian white marble that features beige and golden tones on a white base. You can also find marble slabs of this material with more grey tones and not so much of a golden tint on its veins. It has broad scale dynamic patterns that make it perfect for large surfaces in applications such as bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds and kitchen worktops. The veining patterns, on the other hand, are suited for both classic and contemporary spaces.

Calacatta Machia Vechia

Another Italian white marble, Calacatta Machia Vechia, offers elegant and exotic rich gold and light brown tones with touches of ochre minerals edging some of its veins, setting it apart from other Calacatta marble varieties. Machia Vechia has a stunning effect and its superior veining that will cheer up any space, bringing light into the rooms whilst displaying a magnificent pattern that characterizes this marble.

Some of the other stunning white marble arrivals in Spring 2018 include but If you wanted to see more varieties, there are even more and richer options available in the market, from reliable and renowned stone suppliers located in London. Architects, interior designers, property developers as well as homeowners, are no longer restricted to choosing just plain white marble worktops. They can now choose white marbles with more subtle or dramatic features than ever before, to help them create just the perfect kitchen.

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