What To Consider When Choosing Your Water Feature

water-featureWater is the perfect way to bring out the best in your home and garden, not just for the cooling effect, but also thanks to the relaxation it provides to all, hearing the sound of water flowing. It is possible to build a water feature in any space around the home but not without considering many crucial factors, so read on to find out the things you should consider before you buy one.

What type of water feature do I want?

Before work begins on your water feature, it is important to determine which type you want because they all bring unique effects to garden or home. Fountains and cascades produce more sound while ponds are quieter, some are powered by electricity, and some are not, so you must be keen to define what works best for you.

Safety considerations

The gentle trickling of water may seem to lull you into a sense of security, but if you're looking for more than a trickle, then there will be safety considerations. You need to consider pets and children because if they will be playing around the water feature, and you may need to build a physical barrier that will prevent them from hurting themselves. A barrier can be in the form of plants, fences or other physical feature that keeps anything and anyone unwanted at bay. Putting safety features in place will save you having to delay building a water feature until children are grown up enough to realise the danger.

Before choosing a water feature, carefully think about the time you can dedicate to its maintenance. Some water features demand hours of your time raking leaves, adjusting water pumps and replacing fish while for other, simpler water features some cleaning once in a while will just be perfect. If you're looking for something a little more complicated, experts recommend setting up an ecosystem with fishes and plants that support each other, to reduce the workload on you.

Rather than simply starting out on the project, pause a moment to consider the logistics and plan for everything you need to avoid emergency purchases that will only make the water feature more expensive than it should be. Buy materials you can afford in bulk and make sure you're aware of the running costs to avoid any nasty surprises.

It is wise to determine how long you want the water feature in place as it dictates the cost and type of materials to be used. Short term projects can do with wood or bamboo but for a water feature intended to last decades you will need concrete, bricks and copper piping rather than rubber tubing. Choose wisely to avoid hours of tiresome maintenance in future. A great way of looking at the different types of water feature would be by visiting an online shop such as the one at that illustrates the many options you have for your water feature.

Water features are dominating features so you want to place yours in an area without so much going on. Decide if you want it to be the focal point to make sure it is placed right where it should, without overshadowing other aspects of your garden or home. If you want a water feature that needs moving some soil, be sure to have the job done by a professional, as this is more complex than building one above the ground.

This might seem like a longer list than you'd expected but it is definitely what you have to consider when building a water feature to avoid any problems later down the line. Layout a proper plan, budget and hire professionals to facilitate building the best water feature that will add grace to your home

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