Necessary Equipment for a Swimming Pool

swimming pool gardenPools can be used for therapy, exercise or leisure. It is really important to keep your pool clean and bacteria free. Routine pool maintenance prevents the appearance of germs and bacteria that may cause infectious diseases and harm people's health. There are various ranges of chemical and non-chemical products and items that can help you to keep your pool clean and ready for everyday use. If you want to keep your pool clean there are certain issues that you have to deal with.

Swimming pool water chemistry


Chlorine is very important for your pool because of its effectiveness when it comes to killing germs and different kind of bacteria. Therefore, chlorine is the necessary ingredient of your swimming pool, being that it prevents possible diseases and kills the bacteria that can be hazardous for humans.
First of all, you should inform yourself well and then choose the most suitable type of chlorine, depending on the type and the capacity of your pool. Chlorine comes in tablets, bottles, sticks or in granular form, but the active ingredients in them are the same. The only real difference, when choosing the right product for your pool is in the concentration of active ingredients. The slow-dissolving tablets are the most usual form of chlorine, because they require less maintenance. Some of the chlorine in granular form must be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water before it is added to the pool and it must be added to your pool every day. One of the ways to add the chlorine to your pool is by using the automatic chlorine feeders. These feeders float on the water and automatically release a certain amount of chlorine. They control the amount of chlorine added to the pool and, because of that, you don't have to worry about your chlorine levels at least for a week.

Cyanuric acid

Cyanuric acid, also known as chlorine stabilizer or conditioner, protects the chlorine in your swimming pool from the sun's ultra violet rays. Cyanuric acid is usually added to your pool at the beginning of each season and in some cases, depending on the type of your swimming pool, it doesn't have to be added at all. Normally, the chlorine tablets, sticks or granular form contain the certain amount of cyanuric acid and by adding the chlorine during the season you keep your cyanuric acid in check. However, some of the chlorine form, like the liquid chlorine, does not contain cyanuric acid and that is why it is very important to be well informed about the products you want to purchase.

pool water chemistry

pH level

One of the checks you should also perform is pH level of the pool. It is very important to keep the pH level in the water at a certain amount. The chlorine is more effective if the pH level in the pool is of proper measures. The pH level can be easily measured with the drop-type test kit. Usually the problem occurs when the pH level of your pool is high. One of the best ways to lower down the pH level is by carefully pouring the hydrochloric acid directly into the deep end of your pool. While pouring this acid, the pool pump must be on and the water must circulate. On the other hand, being the safer way, many people use the granular acid to maintain pH level in the pools. The most common symptom for low pH level is the red eyes of the swimmers.

Ozone, ionizer system and salt chlorine generators as alternative pool sanitizers

Chlorine can bind to other chemicals such as nitrogen or ammonia and this may cause some skin issues. To prevent this combined chlorine effect, you should shock your pool occasionally. On the other hand, there are some alternative pool sanitizers that reduce the necessary amount of chlorine added to your pool or do not require chlorine or any other chemicals at all. In such cases, you don't have to shock your pool, because of the impossibility for the chemicals to bind. One of these alternative sanitizers is the ozone system. Ozonators inject the ozone into the water and reduce the need for chlorine and some other chemicals. Odors, irritated skin and red eyes are history once you install the ozone system in your pool.

Non-chemical methods

Ionizer systems

Ionizer system is an effective method of dealing with the bacteria and germs in the pool without using any chemicals. Pool ionizers usually consist of two electrodes, anode and cathode, made of copper and silver. Since both copper and silver have anti-bacterial properties, this kind of alternative sanitizers prevent the pool water from having bacteria and algae, with no threat to human health.

Salt chlorine generators

Chlorine in your pool can be produced in a more natural way by using a salt chlorine generator. This kind of chlorine does not have a smell and odor that the traditional chlorine has. The chlorine manufactured from the salt chlorine generator is made of fine solar salt. The salt chlorine generator produces all the chlorine that is needed for your pool in order to stay clean and you don't have to buy the chemicals all the time and all over again.

clean pool

Other important things for cleaning

Adding chemicals to your pool is not the only thing you should do in order to keep your swimming pool clean. Cleaning the skimmer basket, water pump and filters are very important and these things must be done regularly.

It is very important to keep the skimmer basket clean all the time. By cleaning the skimmer basket you prevent your pump from sealing because of premature wear and tear. If the basket is clogged, the pump works harder in order to cycle the water. You should also check the lint pot and check for hair in the pump. Depending on the condition of your pool and some other circumstances, pool filters should be checked and cleaned every four or five months.

You can have a lot of fun if you own a pool; you can relax by the pool, exercise and swim or organize a big pool party. No matter what you do, you should always perform necessary checks and clean your pool regularly.

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