Garden Care – 10 Useful Tips

With the arrival of the warm season,garden care is an increasingly intense concern of those who have a yard and have a passion for growing plants and trees. There is always something to do in a garden. Whether the plants need to be watered regularly, whether they need to be protected from pests, or whether certain trees need to be grafted, there are many activities that can be done in the garden during the warm period of the year.

Here are 10 helpful tips to help you better organize and ease yourgarden care:

Turn the tail of the hoe or spade into a meter. Draw with a permanent marker, on one of the tails, guided by a roulette wheel. You can use the wooden meter when planting the seedlings, you will be able to measure with it the distance between the plants before they are planted.

  1. Build labels from plastic cups. You can put these labels next to each plant to remember the variety it belongs to. Sand the colored parts until they are completely white and you will be able to mark it with the marker.
  2. Cover the growing plants with a pot. Thus they will have more heat and will grow faster. Keep in mind that they may have deficiencies caused by climatic factors or even soil and will require the application of fertilizers to crops.
  3. Clean the plants of pests with scotch tape. Glue a piece of scotch on your hand, with the side sticking outwards and pass it over the small insects that cover the plant. Thus, they will easily detach from the affected plant. In more severe cases, do not hesitate to apply fungicides to combat plant diseases or fungi.
  4. Place a plastic glass tank next to plants that need a lot of water. These tanks will be placed in the ground, with the bottleneck in the ground. The opposite side of the bottle will be sectioned so that water can be poured into the resulting tank.
  5. Use the water in which the vegetables were boiled to water the plants.
  6. Stump removal. In case you have trees you no longer need or you had trees whose stumps are still in your yard, you can hire a tree service company to do this job for you. Usually, they have the special equipment needed to undergo such a procedure.
  7. Some varieties of plants, such as peas, need a period to stay in the water before being planted. This is done to grow faster.
  8. Build seedling roll containers from toilet paper. Thus, they can be planted with pots when they are large enough.
  9. Think vertically. Choose plants that grow on poles or choose certain varieties that can be planted in vertical gardens. You can build a vertical garden out of PVC tubes in which to grow different plants with small roots.

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