Planning to Have a Swimming Pool? Here Are some Basic Tips!

awesome swimming poolIf you decide to buy your own backyard swimming pool, you should be aware that it can be, and it usually is, very expensive, so you must organize yourself well when the money is concerned. You should inform yourself well about all the issues you will encounter during this project of yours. Try to find proper pool builder and beware of all the necessities. Choose the best suitable pool equipment in order to maintain your swimming pool easily.

What material your pool should be made of?

Once you decide on the location of your pool, you should choose the material your swimming pool will be built of. According to experts from, pools can be made of concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Find out the features of each material, as well as their price, and consult your pool builders what is the best possible solution for you. Concrete is maybe the most expensive, but also the most durable material for your pool. Fiberglass and vinyl can be tricky, because the liners must be replaced every 10 years, although it depends on the current condition of the swimming pool. To change the liners, you must empty the pool and change the edging, which can make some additional costs.

Filtration and heating system

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Once you decide on the proper material for your pool, considering all the circumstances, you should choose the filtration and heating system carefully. Filtration pump is a very important part of your pool and that is why you must choose wisely and find the most suitable pool pump, in order to prevent not just additional costs, but also any malfunction that may occur.

If you want to heat your pool, you should choose the proper heating system. The gas heaters are inexpensive to neither purchase nor install, but they can be expensive when it comes to maintenance. The gas heaters cost less at the beginning, but there are many additional costs that are necessary for the proper maintenance of your swimming pool. Because of this you could consider another option and that is the electric heat pump. These pumps cost more, but the maintenance is rather easy and can save you a lot of money. The electric heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air and then transfer it to the water in your pool. Whatever option you choose, you should have a solar blanket so you can cover your swimming pool in order to trap the heat and reduce the evaporation.

Choose the most suitable pool pump

Depending on your pool size and capacity, you should choose the proper pool pump that will keep your pool clean and safe for everyday use. Pool pumps are very important and they are the vital parts of any swimming pool. These pumps circulate the water in your swimming pool and, by doing this, they prevent the bacteria and germs from spreading and cause certain skin and other diseases. If you want to save money on equipment, you should definitely not do so on pool pumps. You should purchase the best possible one you can afford, so that any additional costs can be prevented; costs that may require a lot of money.

Clean your swimming pool regularly!

It is essential to keep your swimming pool clean and ready for everyday use. By regular checks and cleaning, you keep your pool bacteria and algae free. There are different ways of cleaning your pool. There are chemical products that prevent any germs and bacteria to spread in your pool, and there are also non-chemical items that can help you with your swimming pool maintenance.

The most common way to clean your pool is by regular use of chlorine. Chlorine comes in tablets, sticks, granular form and even liquid form. Chlorine is one of the traditional ways of swimming pool maintenance. The types of chlorine vary in the amount of active ingredients in the product you purchased. The most usual type of chlorine used for sanitizing your swimming pool is slow-dissolving tablets. Some types of chlorine must be pre-dissolved in a smaller amount of water before adding it to the water in your pool. However, simply adding the certain amount of chlorine to the water in your pool doesn't mean that your swimming pool will be clean. You should perform regular checks of chlorine levels in the pool. But chlorine is not the only chemical substance you should be aware of. There is also the cyanuric acid which is used for chlorine protection from the ultra-violet rays which can make your pool chlorine level low. Cyanuric acid is also known as conditioner or chlorine stabilizer. Some of the chlorine products already contain certain amount of active cyanuric acid. You should be aware of ph levels of the water in your swimming pool. The ph levels must be of certain proportion, so that your pool is safe and bacteria and germs free. To lower the ph levels in their pools, if necessary, people use hydrochloric acid or granular acid. Pools also have to be shocked occasionally in order to prevent chemical binding which may be hazardous for human health.

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When using the non-chemical products for keeping the pool clean and safe, shocking the pool is unnecessary because of the absence of chemicals and the impossibility to bind with each other. There are different types of these items, but the most popular and widely used are ozone system, ionizer system and salt chlorine generators. The ozone system injects the ozone into the pool and significantly reduces the necessary amount of chlorine, as well as other chemical used for sanitizing the swimming pool. Ionizers consist of two electrodes, anode and cathode made of copper and silver and, with this system, you don't need chlorine or, for that matter, any other chemicals. Chlorine salt generator produces chlorine from the fine solar salt and, unlike the traditional chlorine, these substances do not smell. This generator produces all the necessary chlorine your swimming pool needs in order to stay clean and safe for use.

Of course, the pool is not all about the cleaning and maintaining. Originally, it is placed in your backyard for having fun and enjoying. You can relax by the pool, organize a big pool party in hot summer nights or you can just swim to stay in shape. No matter what your primary idea for building a swimming pool was, the pool can offer a lot of quality time and a lot of fun. You can check out some of the most commonly used pool maintenance products right here.

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