Hydroponics and Greenhouses-Grow Bigger and Better with No Soil

HydroponicsHydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, instead placing them in super nutrient-rich water. This method was created during the 18th century as a way to grow plants where there was no soil. Recently, people have started to adopt this type of gardening in their homes as a way to grow fresh and delicious food without having to deal with tending the soil and ensuring the garden bed isn't going to be infested with bugs or other unwanted creatures.

Hydroponics has opened up many doors for cultures in terms of diversity of crops and plants that normally cannot grow in their part of the world because of soil nutritional requirements. Hydroponics in combination with a greenhouse might soon become the future of farming in our societies and it's so simple just about anyone can do it with enough time.

For gardeners interested in hydroponics, adding a greenhouse will allow you to provide your plants with the perfect conditions. These greenhouses are a great investment for your home as it will provide you with the ability to garden year round by fostering a climate suitable for plant growth. Not only that, they are fairly cheap when you think about the long-term benefits and savings you'll receive by growing your own produce. Buildings and More is one of many companies that offers prebuilt greenhouses that you can order and just drop in your backyard, it's that simple!

With a hydroponics kit and a greenhouse, you'll enjoy a multitude of benefits such as:

  • The ability to grow year round in environments that would typically be unsuitable for growth.
  • The speed at which your plants will grow can oftentimes be 30 to 50 percent faster than traditional soil methods.
  • Since your growth operation is contained, there is less likelihood of pests or disease to be introduced into the environment.
  • The water recycled in the hydroponics system leads to a lower water requirement for growth vs. the traditional soil method.

With all these features hydroponic systems and greenhouses have to offer, businesses and consumers from all fields can enjoy the benefits from hydroponics. Probably one of the best fits for a hydroponic system would be independent high end restaurants that cater to clientele who enjoy the best food money can offer. Micro-greens are a popular way to use hydroponics since you don't need much space and these greens grow extremely fast in this system.

Apart from the restaurant scene, the homeowners are the next big rising market with the push for healthier eating habits and an increase in sustainability. More homeowners are realizing that having a hydroponic system and greenhouse in their backyard will allow them to have fresh vegetables and fruit year round.

Finally, traditional farmers are starting to adopt hydroponic growing as it allows for increased yields with less water usage compared to traditional soil farming. The future of farming is said to be growing plants vertically and hydroponically because of increased yield and 85 percent less water usage on average.

The future of gardening and farming looks bright; hopefully we're on the brink of the next agriculture revolution!


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