3 Modern Landscape Designs For Your Backyard

Seems like front gardens are not going to be the main focus in the yard this year. Instead, the back of your house’s green space is what will act as the central point of design, according to landscape designers. Young families across Australia also adopt the idea of creating a cosy backyard that combines functionality and fun. Current urban trends also replace the boring lawn with a veggie garden, just the way herbs have replaced the old flower pots. So, here are the essentials of contemporary landscaping that your backyard may benefit from.

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Define Backyard Areas

If your entire house interior consisted of a single large living room, that would be extremely boring, right? Same applies for the back of your yard. New landscape design rules suggest separating the whole space in smaller, functional areas. This makes the place not only more useful but more fun as well. Just like you know where’s the kitchen, the nursery and the bedroom in your home, you could have your dining area, playground zone and a point dedicated to full relaxation. Again, don’t forget about a veggie or herb garden.

Creating dedicated zones for different activities will enable you to develop each area much better than before. Depending on the available total space and your budget you could just install a BBQ and bring a dining table or you can build a standalone outdoor kitchen. Homeowners with a green thumb may grow fragrant herbs or plant and maintain a container garden to show off. A zone with exotic drought-tolerant plants can be a good idea, too. As for the children’s and relax areas - really sky is the limit and you can put whatever your family members will enjoy, even a meditation or yoga point.

Contrasting Pathways

Now that you’re familiar with the idea of separate areas, it’s time to shed more light on the paths between them - the lines that actually determine their borders. Proficient landscapers share that backyard paths can be easily turned into masterpieces when you add a lot of creative thinking and a little bit of effort. Just don’t reuse the old-school designs which feature a stepping stone layout or a concrete sidewalk, those are already overused.

Instead, employ some of the recent trends that look much more interesting than the mentioned classics. Go for a mix of moss and gravel or set tiny bricks to complete a chevron-like design. Built-in flagstones look amazing too and will definitely contribute to a modern appearance of your yard’s landscape.

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Animals & Landscaping

Today’s landscape design trends go far beyond grass, herbs, flowers and shrubs. You’re thinking of trees? No, we’re talking about living creatures here. Fauna takes over the flora to make garden landscaping even more surprising. Colourful coops and small-scale barns can house chicken in your very own backyard. And if you don’t feel like joining the urban movement that recently started in Sydney, then you can give beehives a try. Bees are considered to be in danger of extinction, so why not help the planet? Some of the more avant-garde suggestions even include the preparation of an inviting environment for passing-by wildlife species such as rabbits, butterflies and frogs.

Now is the right time to try one or all of the latest landscaping ideas and refresh your backyard space!

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