6 Effective Ways to Find the Right Landscaping Contractor


Planning to redo the landscape or simply put a landscape? It is most likely recommended that you hire a professional landscaping contractor. These professional landscape contractors may be a great help for you since they know the ups and downs of the project. Sure, you may look up to internet with some useful do-it-yourself tips on landscaping, but it makes a big difference when a professional contractor will be the one who will do the project.

There may be some horror stories you have heard about landscaping project that did not turn out well or people who were scammed, but most of these professionals will do the project under a legal contract.

The question is how will you find a reliable landscaping contractor in your area? Find out below:

1. Ask around.

The first set of people you should ask is your family members, then your neighbors, and lastly you friends nearby. Word of the mouth is an effective way of advertising a product or service, in this case, people you know will be the one who can help you. It is 100 percent sure that people you know will be able to recommend someone reliable and experience to do landscape project at your newly acquired kit home. It is most likely that your family members or neighbor have availed the landscape service of the contractor they are recommending to you. You will have an idea with the kind of work they have done since there are people who would vouch for their landscape work.

2. Pay a visit to your local construction building stores where landscape contractors purchase their materials.

Normally, these local building stores keep an updated list of contractors who frequently buy materials from them. These materials may be similar to your landscaping project and can be used for maintenance. You can also ask the stores if they have a list of companies who offer landscaping maintenance in the nearby area.

3. Make a call to some local real estate agents and ask them if they can provide a list of reputable landscaping contractors in the nearby area.

You can also ask these local real estate agents about important information regarding local landscaping contractors. This will allow you to go through the list given to you and pick the best contractor that will agree to do your landscape project.

4. If you have the list now, narrow it down by calling one by one the potential landscaping contractors and ask them some important questions:

  • Inquire about their longevity in landscaping industry and if they have done similar project as yours. Most of the states require that these contractors should be licensed and so, better ask them if they are licensed to work on any landscaping project.
  • Ask them if they belong to some professional building associations and if they will vouch the workers' compensation and liability insurance.
  • Request for contact details of their previous clients who had the same project as yours. Let these contractors know that you will make a call to their previous clients.

5. After getting the list of past clients, call them one by one and ask these following questions:

  • Did the contractor follow a certain time frame for the project? If not, what happened?
  • How was their relationship with the contractor?
    Were these landscaping contractor punctual and did one full working day?
  • Did they treat your project home with respect?
  • Were there any misunderstandings during the project? How did they resolve the disputes?

6. Refer to your previous conversation on previous clients and the contractors.

You may now narrow down your list to three or four landscaping contractors to provide free estimates on your project.

Finding the right landscaping project is tedious, but if you follow these suggestions, it will go a long way and you landscaping project will be successful.

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