Small Garden Ideas

Most citizens of London live in small flats and often say that they don’t have space for plants. I’m about to prove them wrong, showing them how to make their own small gardens even at home. There are a lot of fresh and neat garden design ideas, which will inspire even the worst pessimist, who says there is no space at his place.Making your own garden is only a matter of desire and motivation. There is always space for a few pots with succulents, climbing plants, perennials, and even vegetables and trees. You can make a whole botanical area in your small flat, and it won’t even make your place look smaller. Just the opposite, by optimising the free space, your place will look bigger and fresher. So, let’s move to my small garden ideas, which are actually not mine, but of random people on Pinterest. 😀

Hanging Ideas for Pots

bird cage container

Hanging a pot on your ceiling is the easiest way for greening your home. The best about this idea is that you don’t necessarily have to use pots. You can reuse old bird cages, old kitchen utensils and other containers, which are appropriate for planting. Everything will look good with plants inside, so don’t hesitate. You need a drill, a dubel and a screw. Everything else is a matter of time to make a hole in your ceiling and to hang a container with the planted floral specimen. Of course, you can hang the containers on your walls, if you wish.

On the Floor Garden Ideas

pots with plants

If you have a free corner in your bedroom or living room, don’t hesitate to fill it with potted plants. The idea on the photo above is very interesting, as there a few types of different plants in every pot. They are combined very nicely and stylishly, and look absolutely spectacular. Be very careful when planting a few floral species in one pot, as they all have to grow in the same conditions. You cannot plant something that loves a lot of water and sunlight next to another plant which lives in shade and draught.

Plant in Commodes

DIY herb planter

This is quite an abstract idea, but it is totally worth it. If you have a commode you don’t use, you can turn it into a spectacular indoor planter. Pull out the drawers, and fill them with soil. Put them back on their places and try to form something like a staircase with them. Plant whatever you want in the drawers-herbs, flowers, sweet peppers, crawling and hanging plants, succulents-they are all good for the purpose.

Raised Bed Garden Idea

If you have a spot in your garden, which is turned into a lawn, and you want to keep that lawn. But you also want to have a place where to grow your own herbs. Well, the raised bed garden idea is for you. Put a big piece of cardboard somewhere on your lawn, and arrange a dozen of chimney blocks in some figure over it. Fill up the blocks with soil and plant the herbs you want. You can also fill the space in the centre of the figure with soil and plant some flowers there, or you can cut the cardboard and leave that space a green lawn. The cardboard will absorb extra moisture from watering, and will prevent grass from invading your raised herb beds.

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

broken pot fairy garden ideaIf you have a big broken pot, don’t throw it on the junk, it can be of use again. You might not be able to plant a big tree in it, but you can arrange a whole scene inside it. Big pots can contain smaller ones. Put a small pot with succulents inside the big one. Fill up the area around the small pot with soil and plant some moss, or some other types of plants, you can put succulents again. Arrange some items, gravel, pines and garden figures around the pot with succulents and find an appropriate place for your Broken Pot Fairy Garden.

You can use another technique to arrange the broken pot, too. Use the broken pieces from the big pot to make something like terraces inside it. Fill up the terraces with soil and plant different plants in them. Arrange garden figures, gravel and whatever you want again and there is your Pot Fairy Garden Idea again.

A Balcony Garden

Balcony garden 2A balcony garden is probably the dream of every Londoner. All of the above ideas can be implemented on a balcony. Moreover, you can combine them and make your terrace a real spot of Eden. Just imagine, one of the walls is all covered with climbers, there is a lemon tree or some other exotic plant in a pot in the corner, a few long pots with pansies on the parapet, and may be a bird cage with succulents hanging from the ceiling. And now imagine yourself lying on a sun bed, sipping cocktails under the lemon tree. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?!

A Rooftop Garden

rooftopgarden2Just like the balcony garden, the rooftop garden can be made of a few combined garden design ideas. The thing is, though, that to have a garden on your roof, you must first have a flat rooftop. Then you have to take some permissions from local authorities to build such a facility, and after that you have to find a professional garden and tree maintenance expert to tell you how exactly to secure your garden, so to prevent falling items on people’s heads and to prevent eventual leaks in your flat. It is a bit tricky to have a garden on your roof, but once you make it, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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I hope that you will like my ideas and will use them wisely and bravely. Feel free to improve them, and don’t forget to tell me which is your favourite in the comments below.

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