10 Easy Ways of Garden Management

Garden ManagementA beautiful house remains incomplete without a garden or an outdoor space attached to it. All of us have dreams at some or the other point in life to have a garden of our own where we can not only spend some hours of refreshment but also hold a small party or celebration with our dear ones. However for a garden to remain all green and beautiful requires proper attention, care and treatment. Below there're some easy, Eco-friendly strategies to help you manage common pests and diseases and restore your plants to its healthy self.

1. Watch out for the enemies

A plant can have many kinds of enemies, starting from bacterial pests to birds and animals that can often cause damage to your plant. Keep your eyes open and if you find any abnormality, try to locate the source of the damage. Look out for bacterial and viral damage and take quick steps immediately to stop it. Not only do they chew away the plants but also transmit all sorts of diseases. Separate the infected parts from the whole plant and later bin or burn it. Also check under the leaves and don't forget a periodic ‘torch patrol' at night.

2. More beneficial plants

There are some strong smelling plants which pests or other viruses cannot endure. To keep pests away plant more of them. You can include chilies, garlic, wormwood, yarrow etc. in your list.

3. Prepare traps

You can create different kinds of traps meant for capturing various pests and flies, for example, prepare strips of sticky yellow board to trap white fly and strong-smelling baits for tempting fruit flies. You can read articles and books to have better idea about such entrapment’s and how to make them more effective.

4. Be selective

One ought to be careful about killing the right thing at the right time. Do not kill the beneficial insects while attempting to destroy the harmful ones. You can use organic plant products like nimtree or canola oil. Be focused on your target and only spray on areas which are infected. Make sure you do not kill the beneficial insects like wasps, ladybirds, spiders etc. that often feed on pests like aphids or caterpillars, thereby keeping their numbers down.

5. Maintain a variety

It is important to grow multiple plants with similar growing conditions rather than a single plant which turns out to be a particular pest's favorite. Because pests multiply faster than normal predators, especially with unending food supply, it is very essential to stop their growth in number as soon as possible.

6. An healthy environment

A clean and tidy surrounding is as important as caring for your plants. There is a need for regular maintenance to keep your plants healthy. Trim dead stems, clear ground of old, dead foliage and also go for weeding. This is likely to keep the pesky bacteria in control and reduce the number of diseased plants. Sufficient amount of air flow is also a crucial factor. Plants clustered together at the same place give rise to diseases that rely more on such stagnant air condition. Thus, build your garden where there is enough air flow and space to keep the plants away from one another.

7. Watering

A plant's immune system depends largely on its surrounding temperature and therefore it is required to make sure than the soil has warmed up with time and is not left in a wet, damp state. This is why it is advised to water the plants in the morning, when there is much sunlight around rather than at night.

8. Proper use of fertilizers

Fertilizers are used to boost up your plants. But you have to use it in right quantity depending on the demand of the plants because excess of anything can actually be harmful. Avoid over-fertilizing which can weaken the plants, making them more disease-prone.

9. Mechanical barriers

Apart from chemicals and local entrapment’s, you can also install a number of mechanical barriers like tall fences to prevent dogs or cows from entering your yard, row covers to protect plants from light frost cloches, netting and so on.

10. Professional help

The professionals can often be of great importance when it comes to gardening. Be it building or repairing, replacement or providing quotes, they can assist with full assurance. If you incidentally happen to be at Fareham, you might take up help from gardening service provider.

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