Play Ideas for Children in the Garden

Children in the GardenChildren seem to get bored of games and activities very quickly, so coming up with ideas for new ones is always difficult. Having your child/children playing outside is vital for their learning and also for their health. There are many activities you can do with your children, or if you need down time, many ones that they can be left alone doing. This form of learning is highly effective and it means they won't be stuck behind a computer screen or television all day.

Active Play

Active play is crucial in a child's growth as it keeps them healthy. A bike, scooter or rollerblades are an ideal way for children to exercise outside without them even knowing! This will keep your child active and coinciding with a healthy diet, your child should be fit and healthy.

Creative Play

Creative play can bring out the artistic side in your child and gives them a chance to express themselves. Creative play consists of anything from painting, music or chalkboards, each one of these can be done outside. You can buy large chalks, these can be fun for children as they can write all over the road or patio in your garden and are easily washed away with a hose. Creating music in your back garden is simple and both you and you child/children can have a lot of fun with it on a summer's day. All you need to do is gather your pots, pans and other kitchen utensils and tie them up on some wire across a fence in your back garden. Once you have done this, grab a large spoon and gently hit each kitchen utensil, this will provide hours of fun!

Natural Play

Natural play is where children get to grips with the outdoors and are able to plant seeds and play around in the garden. A way in which you can get your children interested in this is to create a fairy garden with them. A fairy garden is where you acquire a large plant pot, fill it with soil and this creates a mini garden, this is fun for children as they can play with it and also in their spare time create extra parts to fit in it. Planting seeds with your children can also be a way in getting them well known with nature. If you plant these with them and explain what they do and how they do it, they will not only learn how things grow but they can also keep watering it and eventually they will have grown their own vegetable or flower.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are always fun as a child and creating them doesn't take a lot of time or effort. Just simple notes or riddles around the garden or village that you live in gets your child/children active and they also have to figure out what the message means. This is all part of a learning experience for them and it is great to do if there are a few of them.

Quiet Play

Even though children do have a lot of energy, often they want to play by themselves or with their dolls and toys. Having a tent or a playhouse in the garden is ideal as they feel like its there own and could sit and play for hours. This is better than sitting inside as they are still getting fresh air.

Bird Feeders

Creating a bird feeder is easy to do and you can buy a kit to get you started. This is great for your child/children as they get to learn to look after the nature that surrounds them.

Get Them To Help You

Getting your child/children to help you do your day-to-day chores is helpful for both you and your child. Rather than the ironing or inside chores, something like cleaning the car could seem to you like a boring task but if you get your child/children involved, they will love it!

Building a Den

Children love being adventurous and building their own things, so building a den in the garden is perfect. You can grab some old sheets from inside and all you have to do is get some chairs or large objects, bring them outside and throw the sheets over them. Even though this may seem like a simple activity your child/children will love it.

Encouraging your children to play outside is ideal when they are growing up as they get to surround themselves with nature and also be adventurous. Some of these simple steps will bring out the creative side in your child and they will have fun at the same time.

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