Why You Should Combine Verandah Designs

Verandah-styleAdding a verandah to your home can completely transform your space and the way you use it, but how do you decide which design you should use? Whilst it is true that you will be limited in some ways due to the size of your property and the way that your home has been laid out, you will still have plenty of choice in the final structure and how it looks. One of the options that you have probably not yet considered is combining verandah designs, giving you a space that is completely unique and tailored to your needs.

Most homeowners assume that they can only have one type of structure on their properties and that they will have to decide between all the ones that are available to them, but this isn't actually the case. If combining styles isn't really your thing, you could even use a verandah design that you have fallen in love with for a different type of structure on your property, such as a carport. This will allow you to use the designs that you find most attractive in a way that you find most useful.

No matter which option you choose, you will have an extremely versatile space that you can use for whatever you want. Whilst your carport will obviously be used to park your car, it could also be used to host a celebration of some kind if you want to shelter your guests from the elements. It could also be used as an outdoor dining area if you are happy to park your car on the street; all you need is a table and some chairs and you'll be ready to go. The opportunities for this space really are endless.

By combining designs, you can also make sure that you have a cozy and private space to enjoy. By adding a verandah just off the master bedroom, for example, you could be gifted with a private area where you can relax on your own or with your significant other. You could enclose the space with some lattice and potted plants, include a small patio setting and a sun lounge, and set yourself up with a cup of tea and a good book. You will be able to enjoy a few hours peace and quiet before your kids come looking for you.

A combined verandah design can also be used to give extra space for your entire family. The structure should be added just off the main living areas of your home to ensure that they are easily accessible and will be used for all sorts of socializing activities, from enjoying a meal to hosting a party. Once everyone has gone home, you will be able to enjoy your verandah as you like. Your kids will always be having friends over.

As you can see, combining verandah designs could be the ideal way for you to achieve the sort of space you are after. Whether you have fallen in love with a verandah that you would like to use as a completely different structure or whether you cannot choose between a few different styles, this could be the solution to your problem. So, instead of making do with a space that isn't quite right for your needs, you should combine a design or two and create a space that is perfect.

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