Useful Advice on Revamping Your Windows

windowsThe mere thought of giving a room an entire new look can sometimes be daunting. There are cost considerations, not to mention the upheaval major works may cause. However, if there is a room that really lacks something, why not consider revamping on a slightly smaller scale?

Windows are rarely the focus of our attention; we often take them for granted. Instead, we are more interested in what lies beyond the glass than what dresses the window from the interior, but could we be missing a trick here? Making changes to the way a window looks provides a fantastic opportunity to give a real shot in the arm to a tired interior, but without going for a full scale remodel and the chaos such a project entails.

First of all, think about the practicalities. If the windows look out onto a busy street or are overlooked at all, privacy is a concern. Window coverings also help with blocking out light and insulate against loss of heat and cold, so bear this in mind when planning changes.

Next, think about colors and materials that complement, rather than clash with the existing interior. Coverings come in three basic guises, drapes, shutters and blinds and a skillful and well thought out treatment can really bring some ‘wow’ back to the windows. Simple touches, such as painting the frame a contrasting or identical color to the new treatment will sharpen up the overall effect enormously.

Dramatic drapes

A new set of gorgeous drapes, suspended around the window, totally transforms a room. Floor to ceiling drapes in luxuriant fabrics that tumble to the floor are so dramatic, yet also create a feeling of warmth and privacy. For a formal statement choose drapes with theatrical valances, coordinating swags and tie backs and rich chintzy fabrics to add opulence to a room. Alternatively, go to the other extreme and suspend the sheerest of silky drapes onto minimalist curtain poles in steel or oak for a pure, pared back appeal.

Shutter perfection

Sometimes, windows are not conventional shapes or sizes and this can make it difficult to find the appropriate treatment. In these circumstances measuring shaped windows for shutters is a great solution. The sophisticated and streamlined look achieved with interior shutters adds instant elegance to any room. Available in a range of wood finishes and colors, shutters in styles such as shaker, plantation and louver elevate the windows to center stage. Shaped shutters for arched windows and shutters with cut-out handles for French windows are simple to arrange. Popular color choices are white and cream, though strong primary colors can look equally stunning. As well as looking smart, wooden interior shutters are perfect for hiding ugly exterior views and shielding furniture from sun damage.

Blind passion

Venetian, Roman, Austrian, roller, bamboo, wooden, slatted or motorized; blinds come in all shapes and sizes. Great for blocking out light and creating discrete privacy in a compact and streamlined fashion, blinds are a cheap and simple way of giving a window a quick revamp. Luxury blinds in rich woven fabrics are also readily available, giving home decorators the option to dress windows simply, but with an unmistakably indulgent touch.

Polish up the area around the windows with an exciting new treatment; whether it is drapes, shutters or blinds that get the vote, beautiful views are assured.

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