Types of Vinyl Swing Sets for Your Backyard

Vinyl Swing SetSwing sets can enable children to have hours of fun in the backyard. As children climb on the equipment and swing, slide, etc. they perform exercises, which will help them prevent childhood obesity and the other problems related to it. As a parent, you have several options of selecting backyard swing sets.

While children would be happy to play on almost any type of swing set, it would be better if you choose the right swing set for your family. Here are some steps you should take in order to purchase the right swing set for your home.

Swing set seats

The seats of swing sets can be made of plastic, rubber, or even pliable canvas, and they are typically secured to the swing set using metal chains. While some companies enclose the swing set seat in plastic, some others use a powder coat finish. In some models, ropes are used to connect the swing set to the frame. If you are a family with a toddler or an infant, you should consider using buckle-style seats. The design will help the child sit upright without any assistance and secure them.

Wooden swing sets

Wooden swing sets complement the looks of the house and are, therefore, quite popular. They are usually made of pine, cedar, or redwood. While cedar and redwood are natural repellents of insects, pine has to undergo several treatments that protect the equipment from wood-destroying insects and the weather. If you maintain it properly, wood will last more than a decade at least. The wood could splinter or crack in case of normal usage without maintenance.

Metal swing sets

Metal swing sets are made to withstand harsh weather, frequent use, and insect pests. However, metal is susceptible to corrosion and manufacturers do their best to protect the material from rust. While some encase their swing sets in plastic, some others use a powder coat finish. Doing this also prevents the retention of heat and discoloration. You could also go for galvanized steel swing sets, which are rust free and have bearings that are infused with oil to prevent them from getting rusted.

Vinyl swing sets are a maintenance-free alternative to wooden and metal swing sets. In the case of a vinyl swing set, the wooden frame units are enclosed in a layer of vinyl, which eliminates the chances of sustaining injuries from splinters and also the need to apply stain. Some wooden swing sets clad in vinyl can last for more than 20 years. A basic vinyl swing set is usually inexpensive to purchase. Earlier, there were only wooden and metal swing sets available. Today, there is many a vinyl swing set, which expand the available selections. The most appropriate type of swing set for the family would depend on personal preferences, anticipated level of use, and the budget. After you identify and establish your priorities, you can select the right swing set for your children that will provide them with years and years of healthy fun.

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