Things to Do Before Replacing Your Old Roof with a New One

r1The roof is undeniably the most vital and integral component of your house. The roofing of your house is given utmost importance as it helps in keeping the water out of your building. Even though no one likes to invest in new roofing, they are compelled to do so when they realize the crucial and aesthetic function it performs. A solid roofing would protect your home from the harmful elements. The roof is the most visible part of your home from the street. The condition of your roof would dramatically impact the entire look of your home. The roof should be in a good condition. While getting a new roof always remember that the texture, color and even the type of material of the roofing must complement your home’s external style and finish. Here are certain things you must do to make sure that you have got the job of roof replacement done right.

Shopping around Is a Good Idea

As roofing job is not a frequently done thing, you may come across roofers who do not care much about delivering a high level of customer service and customer satisfaction. They know that a roofing once done would require replacement only after a few decades. So they are not counting on repeat business. Often homeowners make the mistake of choosing the roofing company that offers the lowest price. Sometimes, the quality of a roofing job is compromised as some roofing contractors believe in hiring incompetent low-wage workers just to come up with lowest possible bids.

It is necessary for you to be extra cautious and careful while choosing a roofing company. You must do ample online research. Browse the Internet and go through the roofing manufacturer websites to have easy access to lists showing certified roof installers. You could consider getting references and suggestions from your neighbors, friends, and family whom you could trust. Go through online reviews and client references. You must choose certified and well-established roofing companies.

Stripping Away the Old Roof Helps

Your roof could have double layers of the asphalt shingles. If there is currently one layer, you could simply get a brand new layer of asphalt shingles installed properly on top of the existing layer. This may lead to some savings but it also implies that the professional roofer is not able to examine or repair the flashing and the decking underneath the new layer. If your house is located in a cold area, it is best to strip away your entire old roofing so that the roofing contractor is able to install water and ice shields which are actually a rubber membrane meant for preventing leaks.

Buy the Best Quality Roofing Products

Use top quality roofing materials so that you are able to get good selling points while you are putting up the house for sale. Opt for the 50-year shingles with the architectural look which boast of the longest warranty available. Buy copper flashing which is supposed to be the most long-lasting metal that helps to seal the joints.

Be Precise about the Paperwork Involved

Roofing involves a lot of money and liability. You need to have three important documents. A building permit would be essential to make sure that your roofing contractor is following building code. You would not be entitled to the warranty if you fail to provide the building permit. A written contract specifying the details agreed by both the parties, materials, costs involved in the project should be obtained. A letter from your roofing contractor’s insurance carrier that is addressed to you confirming that your roofing project is actually covered under the Compensation & Liability plans of the roofer’s workers.


You must keep all the above points in mind and follow them while getting your old roof replaced with a brand new one. Moreover, you should know that over 10,000 nails and fasteners would be coming off when the old roof is actually, stripped off. Contractors must bring their special tool for picking up these nails. They usually, use a huge magnet on wheels which would be picking up all the dropped fasteners while passing through the yard. This helps prevent injuries and flat tires too. Tell your roofer that no magnet, no payment. Do not make the final payment without seeing the magnet in your yard.

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