The Advantages of Building Your Home by Yourself

House-To-Build-YourselfWhat is the fastest way to reach the house of your dreams? Next to construction, luckily for us there is self-construction. The difference is that by construction we mean that somebody else is doing the job and we are paying them, while self-construction means that we are building a house by ourselves and we are purchasing the materials needed for construction.

Self-construction is probably the most affordable way of building a house. If you decide to construct a house by yourself then you must be ready to buy the necessary construction materials by yourself and organize transport for those materials. Also, you must be ready for some stress situations as well as breaking a sweat.

Perhaps you are worried hot you don't know anything about construction, and how you don't have any experience, and how unreal it seems to build your own home.

Don't worry, we are sure that it is possible, and that you will do it. However, in this work you will probably need another person that will assist you every day. That can be some of your friends or family or an assistant worker you will be paying. Don't try to do everything by yourself, it will be too much.

Paperwork is the ugliest part of our story. This topic is a story for itself. The most boring part of the construction job is gathering of necessary documentation before the construction start. Everyone who had to do paperwork will tell you that this segment is the most boring one, of course if they have been doing it by themselves. However, paperwork must be finished, so you better get ready to finish this part as soon as possible, because the faster you deal with it, the easier will be later on.

Whatever you can do by yourself, DO IT!

Most construction workers in the business are self-taught and aren't really true professionals, only about 10% of them can be considered real construction professionals. What does this tells us? Well, maybe it is about damn time to take matter into your own hands and learn how to build your own home.

The first rule is whatever you can do by yourself, do it. The higher amount of jobs and work on your house you do yourself, the lower the cost will be, and you can be sure that they are done right.

This chapter is the most important part of our story, because it will save you most of your money. After material purchase, construction and labor are the most expensive things when it comes to construction, and because we are going to build house by ourselves we will save most of the money on labor.

While self-constructing your own house, you are in a positive advantage comparing to construction companies, because no one will ask you about your working uniform, shoes, gloves, and no one will stop your construction work for minor glitches and mistakes that can come up during construction.

What are some of the advantages of self –construction? We have said that construction companies are expensive because many people participate in construction. When constructing a family home, at least 4-5 people have to be on site every day. Also, these workers have insurance and taxes, thus your expanses are even larger. When constructing the house yourself all this can be avoided.

The only thing we recommend that should be done by professional is dealing with concrete and cutting. We recommend that you hire some of the companies like Green's Inc, Atlantic Concrete Cutting, Penhall Company and others that are affordable and will deal with concrete cutting professionally.

We see every day, how around the world towers, long highways, amazing bridges, huge hydro plants and long tunnels are being built. Comparing to these construction "miracles", building our own home doesn't seem like a big deal now does it?

Of course that it would be easier if we had some previous experience in construction, and especially if we had some practical knowledge in the field. That would be nice, but it isn't necessary and you have got to start somewhere, right?

If you have faith, and strong power of will, you will be able to create your own home maintaining the same quality as most of the professionals, after all you are building your own home, and that puts you in advantage from the beginning.

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