Organizing House Renovation: How to Get the Best Out of Your Exterior

ftrgrtyeThe first impression is always the one that lasts. This is why you should always make sure that the exterior of your house is at its best. Organizing your house exterior is not as easy as it sounds. It requires proper planning, both financially and structurally. You also need to hire the right team to get an excellent look at the end of it all, but before you hire, you need to have great ideas for your exterior. Why don’t we look at some to guide you?

Color schemes

When renovating your home, choose a color scheme that portrays an image that suits you best. If you love antique choose vintage colors. If you love formality, choose formal colors. A combination of white and ivory makes your home look formal and elegant. Neutral colors like soft gray give your home a modern look. You can also choose a color scheme that matches your surroundings. Ensure that you use a combination of colors to avoid having a dull looking house. Make sure that the colors you choose either match or contrast well. You can also choose to play with many colors at once by having your roof, windows doors and walls painted with different colors.

Plant designs for driveways and porches

When renovating your exterior, do not forget landscaping. Beautify your house exterior with plants to give your home a fresh look and a natural feel. When renovating your house exterior, consider including plants and flowers. You can opt to line your driveway with plants or have flowers surround your porch. Lavenders, climbing vines, and boxwood balls will work well for your front yard and driveways.

Roof designs

According to Point Brik, the roof of your house is the most important and you should renovate it regularly. If you opt to change it completely, make sure that your new one makes a statement. Use bold color on your roof to draw attention to it. Make sure that you choose an architectural symmetry that matches your house. You can have your roof gently sloping, flat, the traditional way or any other way that blends well with the design of your house.


For exterior décor, you can just have your wall painted exceptionally. If you love art, you can add some décor on your walls like carvings or metal fences. Hanging planter will make your walls look very attractive and draw attention to them.

How to choose the right team

After identifying all the ideas for your décor, the next step is to identify the right team. They will show you how to organize an exterior house renovation well. These are the people who will make your choices work for or against you so choose wisely. Exactly how do you do that? Here’s how

Check their experience

To get the best work done, you need to hire people who have renovated house exteriors before. To determine that, look at the projects they have worked on in the past. They are the best way to tell if you are about to get a slapdash job done for you. To get a renovator’s past projects without alerting them, ask for a portfolio, find out the locations of past projects and visit them alone.


Checking references will allow you to gauge how good the reputation of your potential remodeler is. Get hold of two-three contacts of previous clients and ask them how their experience was with this remodeler. This will aid you hire only the best.

Before hiring a person to remodel your exterior, find out what the clients who referred him/her to you liked best about the work. If several previous clients recommend the home remodeler to you, be assured that he/she delivers admirable results.

Hire a diverse team

You want to make sure that you get the best. Hire a team with the right mix of professionals. From technical people to untechnical ones.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    My parents are planning to have our home renovated next summer, and they are starting to look for a reputable construction company for the job. I like that you said they should hire a company with the right mix of professionals, so they can be assured of the quality of service they are getting. In my opinion, it’s important to hire a general contractor who has connections with reputable structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, and other necessary professionals in building a home. I’ll share your tip with my parents when I visit them this weekend. Thanks!

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